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What is encrypted email, and why should I use it?

Data breaches occur daily, and if you read the news, you know the stakes are very high. In fact, some companies never recover as customer confidence is rocked and legal issues arise. Data breaches come in all shapes and sizes, but perhaps the low-hanging fruit is something you use every single day — that’s email.

Email is one of the oldest and most widely used forms of electronic communication. As a result, people trust it and think their data is safe — but that’s not always the case.

Companies of all sizes — from the small startup to the very large enterprise — should consider methods for safeguarding their inboxes. One method for accomplishing this is through the use of encrypted email. But how does it work?


Encrypted email typically involves the use of cryptographic keys. One of the keys is public, and one is private. When the email is created, the text of the email is scrambled until it reaches the intended recipient. Once it arrives, the second key “unscrambles” the text.

Using encrypted email protects your business from having critical data stolen while in transit. Text and data is unreadable to all except the intended recipient, who holds the private key.

There are many benefits to encrypted email, including:

Protection for valuable information. Perhaps the most obvious benefit of email encryption is the protection of business-critical data. When you protect this data, you reduce the risk of critical information being intercepted and stolen online.

Ability to recall email. Some encryption solutions can also recall emails. If you’ve ever accidently sent an email to the wrong person, you know this feature is critical. For example, maybe you’re sending confidential documents to a co-worker but instead accidently send the documents to a client. Now data is flowing freely to unintended recipients. But through recall, the mistake is corrected.

Staying compliant. Regardless of your industry, you likely have strict regulatory requirements. Some sectors are more stringent than others are, but all require some level of data protection. Encrypted email accomplishes this goal.

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