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Five Ways the Right IT Partner Will Increase Employee Productivity

As we enter the fall of 2020, many businesses are continuing to work from home for the safety of their customers and their employees. And with more remote workers, experienced outsourced IT support is needed now more than ever. Time is absolutely of the essence now, and when one of your employees (or yourself) needs to hit pause for an IT issue, that’s less time spent working with your clients. Here are five ways having an experienced IT team will keep your business running smoothly: 

    1. Responsive Solutions 

We’ve all been there. When an IT issue pop-ups, all business grinds to a halt. It’s important for your employees to get back online as soon as possible, regardless of where in the city they are located. Your strategic IT partner should provide support via email, chat, or phone and be responsive to all inquiries. An experienced team will have seen it all and will get your team back up and running quickly. 

     2. Experience Less Down-Time 

A responsive IT partner also helps you avoid significant downtime. Chances are, your tech issue is not the first time that an experienced IT technician has seen that problem. Therefore, they can provide assistance quickly. Think about how many times you’ve had to find a solution for an IT problem (or wait for another IT provider to find that solution for you)? How long was business paused while you scrambled for a solution? With less downtime, your productivity will naturally increase. 

     3. Extension of Your Team 

Especially while working from home, many employees feel isolated from their team and the resources they have access to. In fact, they may be slow to reach out with an IT issue, choosing instead to try to problem-solve by themselves (and consequently being less productive). With a trusted IT partner who is a natural extension of your team, your employees feel comfortable contacting their IT department at all times. The assurance that comes with knowing that they’ll be supported, regardless of where they are or what problem they are experiencing, is invaluable. 

    4. Strategic Support for the Future 

Despite employees being scattered across our community from Stamford to other surrounding towns, a strategic IT partner should always be looking at ongoing trends within your business to better prepare both you and your team with ways to avoid recurring issues. The more data your IT partner has regarding your business’ tech stack, the better they can provide the most efficient resolutions in the future. 

    5. Tried and Tested Processes 

Although working from home may be new for you and your team, an experienced IT partner, like CMIT Solutions of Stamford, have perfected our processes over the last decade. It is our goal that our team is a clear extension of your business so we can provide the IT guidance necessary to keep your business up and running – no matter where your employees are located. 

The bottom line is, no one knows what the rest of 2020 will bring, but one thing is for sure: everyone needs a reliable IT partner. When it comes to increasing your employee’s productivity, there is nothing better you can do for your team than to remove one more thing off their desks: IT. With that issue solved, they can dedicate their full attention to growing your business and taking care of your clients. 


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