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Improve Your Network Security with CMIT Solutions

Improve Your Network Security with CMIT Solutions

Security breaches tend to be top news stories for most news media outlets. Sadly, we’ve grown accustomed to hearing about them. Fortunately, for our clients, these are not scary headlines, because they have CMIT Solutions of Stamford on their side.

As the result of recent exposure in Microsoft Exchange, millions of users in the U.S. were impacted by a security breach from China – including government agencies, private companies, and many other types of organizations. While many IT service providers may not have been aware of what transpired, CMIT Solutions was well-informed about the security breach. We took immediate action to inform our customers and advise them of the next steps.

Unbeknownst to some network security providers, the breach had posed a serious issue since January – two months prior. Many other IT service providers were unaware of the issue and of the extent of the damage that had been done. Furthermore, some were unclear about which existing servers had already been hacked. However, due to our extensive nationwide network, CMIT Solutions of Stamford was fully aware of the situation and took appropriate steps. We informed our clients and began applying the emergency patches to fully protect their systems. We also determined if and which servers were compromised and took appropriate action to remedy these. Did you or your IT provider know about this? If so, did you take the right steps to remediate the issue?

Pro Tip: In an effort to guard against further security breaches, Microsoft has recommended that customers upgrade their systems to the latest versions to protect them. The company issued a statement in February informing the public of its plans to retire some versions of Windows 10 software. According to Microsoft, the Home, Pro, Pro Education, Pro for Workstations editions of Windows 10 version 1909 will reach their end of service in May 2021. All remaining Windows 10 customers who are in need of technical support will be advised to upgrade their Windows 10 software to the latest version.

CMIT Solutions of Stamford has been a leading network security provider in Connecticut and NY since 2005. With our large nationwide network of nearly 250 individually owned and operated locations across the U.S., we have the resources and knowledge that most standalone partners do not. We stay abreast of security threats and ensure that our clients are informed about what actions we need to take in order to keep them protected.

Fast forward to the next system breach. What will you do? Will you be aware of it? Will you navigate those murky waters alone? Or will you join a family of nearly 250 providers that work together in such times to ensure that all of their clients are protected? Don’t wait until then to decide. Contact CMIT Solutions of Stamford and we’ll be happy to discuss proactive steps to protect your business’ security today.


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