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Making Password Policy Easy for Your Employees – A Linda Kuppersmith Webinar

Linda Kuppersmith, CMIT Solutions of Stamford, and Sid Castle of LastPass join together for a live event about LastPass password management vault.

Thursday, June 25, 2020, at 11:30 AM EST

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80% of data breaches are caused by weak or reused passwords –  there is no better time than now to show your employees how easy password management can be using LastPass

Make Password Management Easy for You and Your Employees:

    • No more need to track passwords on spreadsheets or sticky notes
    • Simplified and secured access to shared sites and accounts
    • Multifactor Authentication confirms that those accessing your network are who they say they are

Join Linda and Sid for a demonstration of LastPass,  and how it can be used to support your company password policy, solving password and identity challenges.

Can’t attend live? No worries, all attendees will get the link to the recording as well.



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