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Meet the IT Help Desk Team

IT Help Desk
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Meet the IT Help Desk Team

CMIT Solutions is here to assist you with all of your technology needs. Our team at CMIT of Stamford, combined with the team of 150 CMIT technical professionals in Pittsburg tackles advance technical support around the clock. Together we can provide 24X7X365 aid to you and your business.

Our Stamford IT Help Desk Team consists of a tight-knit group of individuals who specialize in niche services. CMIT of Stamford specializes in both Windows and Mac desktop support while the Pittsburg office handles the rest.

If you are looking for help with network issues you will most likely speak to Will, Nick, or Kevin.

Dave and Will handle complex server issues as well as hacking and viruses.

Everything in regards to purchasing will be done through Lucy our Operations Manager.

Dave, the head of our projects, is here to address setting up new employees, new servers, and more.

Linda our Chief Advisory Officer is your go-to for all things compliance-related.

If you have a problem and you don’t know who to ask for – do not worry. After hearing about your issue our advanced help desk team will connect you to the best specialist for the job.

We can even provide a connection to our global help desk which is located in the Philippines.

How is my request processed?

In the office we categorize your requests into “level 1” and “level 2” needs whether you call us, chat us, or send us an online form. No matter how you chose to contact us you can be sure we will respond to you immediately or ASAP.

For a level 1 need, we focus on answering specific questions in regards to multiple programs such as Google Docs, and Microsoft. If you submit one of these requests we help provide you with step by step instructions to avoid having to google search answers. If you submit a level 2 request we conquer hacking and virus related issues.

Our team is highly decorated with multiple certifications in a variety of areas and is trained to have a broader and deeper knowledge of everything from desktop programs to office products.

To make a call to the help desk or to submit a request click HERE  or email We cannot wait to meet you!

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