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Collaboration is a vital part of most businesses, and Microsoft Office 365 is finding new ways to facilitate it.


Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint are the foundation of Microsoft’s commitment to create increasingly collaborative tools. These platforms allow files to be shared in a central cloud with access assigned per-file or per-folder. With OneDrive and SharePoint, the right people gain access to the documents they need when they need them — without sacrificing privacy or security — thereby improving office efficiency.

What if two people need a file simultaneously? In both Word and PowerPoint, that’s no longer a problem. Two people can work on a single file from different locations, each able to view the other’s changes in real time. Add a phone or Skype call, and you can collaborate with someone across the hall or across the country as if you were standing in their office.

In the past, file sharing was often handled via email. But there are many problems and limitations associated with emailing files back-and-forth. For one thing, the moment your recipient makes changes, you no longer have the most up-to-date copy. There’s also no record of changes made, either, unless you use the track changes function some programs like Word offer. That means there’s no easy way of approving changes once the document is returned.


But there are smarter ways of collaborating through email. For example, Microsoft Outlook allows users to attach cloud-based documents to emails. This allows you to control accessibility even after you’ve sent your file. Outlook also offers a variety of ways to easily pull up lists of recently shared files, avoiding the task of shuffling through folders trying to find the right one.

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint also offer easy-to-access lists of files recently shared with you.

Do you need to know when a document is shared or edited? Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can now send notifications to your mobile device when these actions occur, so you can stay on top of important projects and those who are working on them. Microsoft is also committed to expanding the detail of these notifications in the future.


Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint are offering increasingly sophisticated tools to safely share files, make changes and even collaborate in real time. Time saved in keeping track of files is time which can better serve your company elsewhere!

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