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Password Policy for Your Company – Webinar Recording

Password Policy for Your Company 

80% of hacking-related breaches originate with a password compromise.

Spread the word – good company password hygiene saves thousands and millions of dollars – as well as prevents forgotten password frustrations!

Provide your employees with education about safe password policy. This week a CMIT office got 3 calls  (from clients that opted not to have their security managed by CMIT)  from companies that were victims of cybercrime that traced back to password theft. The damage for one cost $50,000 to an organization with less than 75 employees.

Don’t let the next target be your business.

Watch Here to see a video explaining all you need to know about safe password policy. If you prefer, check out the written Password Policy Summary Here. 

Not a day passes where CMIT does not hear that someone’s information has been stolen. A website called “How Secure is my Password” can test the strength of your password. It will show you how some can be broken in minutes or even seconds. 

Learn how to implement and maintain a safe password policy that will keep your company from being the next victim.

Master how to encourage your employees to withhold the policy, like they would any other, in order to keep confidential information safe from hackers.

In addition, answer questions such as “can an employer sue an employee?” and “how can I help keep my business protected?”

If you have any questions in regards to password policy reach out to CMIT Stamford at (203) 595-9091.






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