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Ransomware Protection: Are You Protected from Ransomware? Part 2

ransomware protection part 2

Unfortunately, ransomware attacks occur more frequently than any company would care to admit.  As stated in our blog last month, it isn’t a matter of IF another ransomware attack will occur – but WHEN.  The best defense is to be proactive and prepare for it in advance.  When companies face a real threat – such as these types of security breaches – they must engage a real solution.

At CMIT Solutions of of Stamford has a plan of action ready to be implemented to address customer needs and successfully fend off security breaches.  We offer a variety of network security offerings and controls to effectively protect against cybersecurity threats.  Our plan consists of a multi-layer approach:

  • Two-factor authentication for remote access and cloud services
  • Advanced threat protection for email
  • 24×7 Monitoring by an expert Security Operations Center

A line of attack that includes multiple layers makes it more difficult for computer networks and their components to be compromised.  Numerous levels of protection are used to diminish, interrupt or put a stop to threats. Multi-layered elements also increase the likelihood that malware will be identified and stopped before it successfully corrupts a system.

Basic network security protection, at a minimum, consists of a few defensive measures.  Some of them include firewalls, antivirus protection, password security, and data back-ups. Firewalls separate your systems from those who want to compromise them. Installing antivirus software helps isolate malware before it adversely impacts your entire system. The use of multi-factor authentication makes it harder for hackers to gain entry to networks.  It requires employees to provide additional information before obtaining access to the system. Maintaining secure copies of data helps ensure that if a company experiences a ransomware attack, it will recover from it by having data backups of all critical systems.

Multiple layers of protection consist of protection and detection layers. However, it is widely known that a skilled and determined hacker WILL defeat the protection layers. A good detection layer evaluates all activity on the office network, identifies activity that is malicious, and alerts CMIT Solutions to the activity.  Once we know that a malicious event is in progress, we are empowered to take immediate action to stop or minimize the resulting damage.

Proactive measures must persistently be taken to protect against the dangers of cyber-threats. CMIT Solutions is the foremost network security provider that is best equipped to protect you from the next ransomware (or any type of cybersecurity) attack.  Call us today to effectively manage your information security needs!


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