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SMS-shing Season is Here – Be Prepared!

While we may ignore “robo calls” or spam emails, many people are more responsive to texts – a vulnerability that cyber criminals, malware and spy ware is exploiting.

There are a few ways to help you keep your personal information and devices safe:

· Never text or email any private or sensitive information as these are not secure transmissions. Instead, Use secure and dedicated apps where available (Banking, Insurance, etc.)

· Never text “Stop to Unsubscribe” in reply to text, even when invited to do so. It simply confirms that your number is an active phone number.

· Never click on a link in a text from an unfamiliar or unknown number. Doing so is the same as clicking on a link in an unknown email.

· The Government will never text you regarding Social Security or IRS. There have been many scams recently, all of which have been debunked. As always, CMIT Solutions of Stamford is ready to assist you. Call us 203-595-9091 Option 2


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