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The New Outlook Web is Coming

The new version of Outlook Web is being rolled out. What is in it for you?

The great thing about Microsoft 365 is that we no longer have to wait 3 years in between releases. That is great for those of us that are excited about change. There are others however that like to change more slowly and at their own pace. Microsoft 365 supports both audiences. The new release of Outlook is being rolled out, but right now by default the current version will appear. You’ll notice a “try new Outlook” switch on your page. Click it and your Outlook will be transformed to the new version. Don’t like it? Just click the switch and back you go.

The features we like best are:
1) Finding Files is simplified – no more wasting time hunting for that one file
2) Event Creation – sharing of addresses and web links for meetings is streamlined
3) Group Management features for quick collaboration.

Do you have a favorite feature? Let us know.


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