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What Is The Best Computer Mouse To Buy?

Looking For The Best Computer Mouse?

Have you been searching for the perfect computer mouse? I asked CMIT Solution of Stamford’s employees to review the best mouses they currently use. Check out what they had to say about their mouse’s price, efficiency, and other special features.

Corsait Scimitar Pro Mouse

CMIT’er Kevin felt investing in a special mouse could increase his productivity. He said saving a few seconds here and there with key shortcuts allowed him to save more time overall when using the computer. His mouse, the Corsair Scimitar Pro costs $90 and comes with many features.

One of his favorites being the 17 programmable buttons on it. Each of these buttons can be assigned a certain function. With WFH (Work from Home)  in full swing, some of his personalized programs include having the ability to mute your microphone when on a zoom chat. Other functions include jumping forwards and backwards when online as well as copying several things to your clipboard at one time.

Apple Wireless Mouse

While CMIT’er Melissa did not have any strong feelings about mouse preference she said when working on her Mac the Apple wireless mouse does the job. She also prefers to use the keypad and opts out of using a mouse when utilizing her Dell laptop.

As long as she can get the work done that she needs to from home she said she is satisfied.

Anker Vertical Mouse

Nic has the Anker vertical mouse which cost him around $30-40.

He believes a more expensive mouse than the average is worth the money if it means not having to take as many ibuprofen at the end of the day because of carpal tunnel and hand pain.

The ergonomics of the mouse allow you to keep your hand on its side more so than flat. Nic describes it as a natural “hand-shake-position.” He said having a mouse is important to him because it allows for more screen real-estate – especially when using multiple monitors. He stands by that the more invisible the mouse – the better. It gets the job done with just the right amount of bells and whistles (3 buttons) and comfort.

ROG Strix Carry Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

Ace uses an ASUS mouse called the ROG Strix Carry ergonomic gaming mouse with dual 2.4GHz/Bluetooth wireless connectivity.  It will run you around $130. He likes the versatility of it. The two buttons on the side are great for gaming, but the mouse is also efficient for work. He is a fan of smaller mice – saying when they fit in your hand better.

His choice in selecting a mouse was based on brand loyalty. He owns the ASUS laptop and purchased a wireless ASUS mouse as well. The mouse’s slogan is “productivity and play” which was only confirmed by Ace when asked about its functionality.


“I love that it’s easy to play on, it’s on the go, and when I am working it’s easy to work because the resolution is 7,200 dots per inch…”

Logitech Wireless Mouse

Lucy uses a Logitech wireless mouse. She chose Logitech because she said she owns other devices by them. Checkout some wireless Logitech mouses here. 

Lucy was unsure if her mouse could be distinguished by any special features, but after a bit of chatting, she realized that the tracking ball on top of her mouse was something she used often. She said her mouse also had some buttons on the side, but she forgot what they do. She said her mouse likely cost somewhere around $30.

Logitech MX Master2S Wireless Mouse

Scott uses the Logitech Master MXMaster 2S which will cost you around $70. There are a couple different varieties of the mouse available each with slightly different features.

His ideal mouse, like this one, is wireless and features 7 programable buttons. He programmed his buttons to perform standard functions such as copying and pasting, zooming in and out, and the standard forward and backward options.

He said, “I would recommend this mouse to anyone.” He also said it is easy to travel with and has just enough bells and whistles to increase efficiency. Its long battery life is also a plus for long workdays.

Logitech M570 Trackball Mouse

Dave uses the Logitech M570 trackball mouse which costs around $30. He uses 6 monitors so the programable buttons and roller allow him to navigate all of his work with ease. He said this mouse is wireless and has a long battery life.

OG Lazer Optical Mouse (Microsoft)

Any Microsoft basic optical mouse will be budget-friendly – running you around $12.  Will said his choice was easy – it was the first mouse in his home that his kids weren’t using. While the reason for choosing this mouse may seem silly he said it is well built, reliable, a good weight, and that he “highly recommends it.” Wil said he has some brand loyalty to Microsoft and originally purchased it because it was popular and had good reviews. He also emphasized that it has great responsiveness. He said it does not drag and skip around regardless of what you are doing on the computer.

After hearing about all of these mouses I might just have to go out and invest in one myself for the WFH days to come. Which one would you choose?!



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