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Attack Your Employees…Digitally

With recent updates, Microsoft has implemented its own version of Undercover Boss. That’s the show where the President of a successful company wears a disguise and assumes the roll of a new employee to see how things are going in the lower levels of his company. The disguise is sometimes a bit much. How many employees of large companies know how the President of the company they work for looks, anyway? It does, however, successfully allow the corporate leaders to get a candid glimpse of their company that they otherwise would be unable to have. In a similar fashion, Microsoft Office 365’s new Attack-Simulator will allow companies to test their unsuspecting employees’ reaction to digital threats. Seeing how one in every 131 e-mails contains malware, knowing your employees know how to deal with threats is one less thing to have to worry about. Alym Rayani, Director of Office 365’s Security & Compliance team, saysAdmins will have the ability to simulate different threat scenarios to gain an understanding of how your users would behave in the event of a real attack and evaluate how secure their configurations are.” The administrators can test users’ password strength and phishing attack readiness, among other things. There are 10-15 different attack simulations in all. This will also give insight into what policies may need to be put in place, as well as any training that may need to be performed, according to how the employees react. As we talked about before in QuickTips, clicking one wrong link in one suspicious email can be disastrous for your company.

As phishing attempts continue to increase, so should vigilance. If after running your our attack simulation you have questions about phishing attempts, online scams, or other threats to your company’s safety, contact CMIT Solutions Tampa-Temple Terrace today. We worry about IT so you don’t have to.


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