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Be Proactive About Preventing Ransomware

Ransomware Tips

How secure is your data?

Are you actively seeking out new ways to prevent ransomware? If not, then you might already be at risk. One of the most critical steps in ransomware prevention is proactively supporting your cybersecurity. That means not remaining satisfied with your current solution—if you haven’t updated your security and taken an in-depth look at how to prevent ransomware attacks, you’re already behind the current standard. Ransomware isn’t a petty crime by any means. Companies around the world have lost billions of dollars in the last few years due to ransomware attacks; they can hold your system hostage, and severely limit end-user access to applications and information until their financial demands are met. By encrypting system applications, victims are left to choose between two options: pay up, or lose valuable and irreplaceable data. So, what can you do to prevent a cyber-attack? We’ve outlined some critical steps that every company should take to keep their network safe.

  • Assess your data backup strategies. In a world dominated by information, your data is more valuable than ever. Data backups are more secure in a secure cloud environment compared to desktop machines or on-site servers. Make sure that you have a comprehensive disaster recovery solution in place with layers of redundant options. Organize your data based on sensitivity to make sure that what you need the most is always secure.
  • Foster internal awareness of security. Ransomware attacks frequently stem from an email sent to your internal personnel. One of the most important things you can do is keep your staff trained on how to spot a ransomware email, and install a powerful firewall with VPN technology and data encryption in every computer you and your staff uses.
  • Manage physical endpoint security vulnerabilities. Protect and secure the entire Internet of Things (IoT) environment in your agency with a modern cloud solution. With a robust offering, including full data encryption and vulnerability pinpointing, you’ll be able to monitor and manage your weak spots effectively, and bolster your security in order to prevent a cyber-attack.
  • Enable advanced threat intelligence and proactive risk mitigation. Where you can, make sure you’re restricting sources of inbound and outbound network traffic. Consistent monitoring is one of the best ways to stay on top of your system. Whether it’s embedded in a cloud or on-premise solution, agencies should implement policy-driven security measures.
  • Execute frequent audits, tests, and analyses. The more often you put your network to the test, the more likely you are to uncover weak spots before a hacker. If you’re actively looking for vulnerabilities, then you’re already putting yourself in a better position to mitigate risk and proactively spot deficiencies in your network’s security.

The technological landscape changes every day. The more on top of new developments you are, the safer your network will be. Don’t wait around until a hacker exposes your weak spots—take preventative measures today, and be proactive when it comes to protecting your data.


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