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Expertise Blended With Accountability

If you’re a business owner or top executive in North Chandler, then you know the challenge of building a good, collaborative team. It is near impossible to find technically skilled people who respond to your core business needs. Adding to the trouble is equipping them with the right technology that aligns with your business objectives.

CMIT Solutions fills this gap. We’re right at the intersection of technology, process, people, and daily operational expertise. With us, every business owner or executive hits the ground running. When you partner with us, we have a finger on the pulse of your systems and networks at all times. Since we use a common ticketing system, workflows between departments are seamless.

The CMIT team has a business and technical leader and an expert system and network administrator. They are supported by a team of help-desk staff around the clock. It is because of this team; we resolve your problems within deadlines. So much so that we offer service-level agreements to many of our clients.

The key to getting the job done is communication.

Every month we’ll take just 30 minutes of your time. That’s it. You communicate what you need, and we get it done. CMIT Solutions takes care of every minute detail. And if you want, we can show you our work.

All we ask is 30 minutes every 30 days to manage your IT services.

IT Services We Offer In Tempe

With decades of experience under our belts, we know one-size doesn’t fit every business. CMIT Solutions is equipped to offer IT support to businesses of all types and sizes.


Be it the latest software or buying new hardware, we can procure any IT equipment your business needs at discounted prices.

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It doesn’t matter if you are in Tempe or North Chandler. CMIT Solutions will have an office nearby. So, you get accessible IT support when you and where you want.

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On Cloud

We keep your documents, files, and every other critical asset securely on the cloud. So, you can access them from anywhere without worrying about leaks and theft.

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CMIT Solutions improves your performance with secure and better network management. We keep critical information locked inside firewalls.

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Humans err. It is a fact of life. So, we become your safety net by backing up your data and recovering it when needed. So, your business keeps running.

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When it comes to IT support, we are at your beck and call 24 hours and 7 days a week. Go ahead call us whenever you need a tech problem resolved quickly.

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No business can survive without print services. CMIT Solutions ensures that your printers are up and running and never out of toner at critical moments.

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CMIT Solutions manages every device a business owner or executive uses, be it a simple smartphone or a more complex PC.

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Providing IT Services and Support for Tempe and North Chandler, AZ
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