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Designated IT Support Services

CMIT Solutions Is Here To Save Your Time And Take Up The IT Responsibility

Are You The Designated IT Person? Do You Need An Extra Hand?

Being the designated IT person is definitely an exciting role to play. Yet, sometimes it gets too overwhelming that you just wish if there was someone to lend a helping hand. Fret not! CMIT Solutions, located in Tempe and North Chandler, is here to help! In small businesses, it is quite common that the most technical person ends up being the IT person. Great! Now, your business has reached a new level. Now is the time to move that responsibility to an expert, and that is us!

But, you must be wondering whether your business can afford a professional IT expert. Yes! You can definitely afford our services, and that is what makes us different from others. We offer a wide range of services for businesses as small as those with just five employees or more than that. So, it doesn’t really matter what the size of your business is. All it matters is that you have an IT expert you can always count on.

We blend our project management expertise with our technical skills, understand your business processes and then devise a new plan.

And, our advantage is that we are local. We are just near you and are a part of your community. We have a complete team of North Americans with over 750 technicians ready to assist you. We have offices in different locations, and each office has a different specialization. Hence, these offices collaborate to offer you the best service ever. We offer you specialized services by expert professionals.

Even The Most Amazing Team Will Need A Little Help At Times

Get in touch with us, and we can talk about how we can assist you. If you need help with convincing your leadership team, we can help you with that too. Let’s say hello and begin our journey together!

Multiple Services In Tempe, Multiple Benefits For You

The one thing that makes CMIT Solutions the best choice for you is that we have served almost all types of organizations and businesses in Tempe and North Chandler. We know that there is no “one size fits all” solution, and we come up with customized solutions for all.

Procurement Assistance

We assist you in procuring new software, mission-critical IT equipment, and hardware at affordable prices.

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Multiple Locations

CMIT Solutions have offices in multiple locations in Tempe and North Chandler. So, no matter wherever you are, the chances are more that our office is nearby.

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Cloud Storage

Save and manage all your emails, critical information, files, and documents in the cloud so that you can access them from anywhere.

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Assured Security

Gain access to critical information and control its security with the help of expert monitoring and firewalls. Get the right blend of bandwidth, security, and network management.

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Recover Easily

You need not worry about losing your data due to a failed system or an employee making an error. We keep backups to recover anything lost due to human error.

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24/7 Assistance

We are always there, just a call away from you 24/7. Whatever be the IT issue you face, we will have a solution for you. So, just pick your phone and call us!

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Print Assistance

Avail intelligent print management solutions that help you to save both time and money. No more worrying over running out of toner again!

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Device Support

We can easily manage all the devices your team makes use of. It doesn’t matter if they prefer to use a smartphone or tablet. We can manage it with ease.

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Your IT Needs Are Our Responsibility. Let’s Talk About It

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