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5 Advantages of Taking to the Cloud

Cloud computing is simply executing your tasks on the internet. In the past, people with had to download and run software on their physical computer, but now cloud computing with IT Support in Manhattan allows Businesses to access applications over the internet.

Chances are that you are already doing this without knowing. You’re using cloud computing when you update your status on Facebook. Again, you’re in the cloud when checking your bank balance on the phone. Whether you’re sending out emails on the move or using productive apps to help manage your workload, you are relying on cloud computing.

In short, cloud is increasingly the new normal now. Cloud computing increases efficiency, is (relatively) inexpensive and offers several other benefits.


Services that are cloud-based are perfect for businesses who experience fluctuating demands. It’s easy to scale up and add cloud capacity, when your needs grow and similarly, you can scale down when demand slows down. This level of flexibility and agility is inherent in the service and can also provide businesses with a real advantage over competition. This ‘operational agility’ is needless to say, a top driver of cloud adoption for Managed IT Services in Manhattan.

Backup and Recovery

All types of businesses need to invest in disaster recovery measures, but not many smaller businesses can afford to do so. These enterprises who lack the required cash and expertise, find the cloud helping them buck that trend. Smaller enterprises are iok Thanksncreasingly opting for cloud-based backup and recovery solutions due to savings in time, negligible up-front investments and third-party expert assistance as part of the deal.

Managed IT Services also take care of updating applications and provide security for you – so there’s the added advantage of not having to worry about maintenance and upgrades.

Less Expensive

Cloud computing does away with costly hardware. You can use devices of your preference, enjoy a subscription-based model, simply pay as you go and thus not burden your finances. It’s easy to setup and manage, and has never been easier to take to cloud adoption.

Enhanced Collaboration

The more team members or partners collaborate, the greater the need for document control. While earlier, workers used to send files back and forth and could only be worked on by one user at a time. This inevitably resulted in one ending up in a mess of mismatched content, formats and titles.Cloud hosting makes it easy for teams to collaborate and access, edit and share data anytime, anywhere. This allows businesses in NY to do more together, and do it better. Cloud-based file sharing and workflow applications make it easy for updates in real time and gives members full visibility of collaborations.


You can be at work anywhere, all you need is an internet connection. With prominent cloud service and Managed IT Services providers now offering access on mobile, businesses in Manhattan are not limited by location anymore. All these advantages translate to businesses becoming more flexible and thus offer greater freedom to employees. Employees get to enjoy the work-life balance that they deserve – and productivity improves as a result. The option to telecommute can be an added bonus or even a reduction in pay.

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