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Managed Service Providers

Here are some essential tips for business owners to decide and choose the best IT managed service provider in order to the get the most out of their investment.

For medium to large sized businesses that have a dedicated CTO, they must implement a contracting process outlining all their requirements clearly to avoid any ambiguity in what is required from the Managed service providers.

It feels like the term ‘managed service provider’ has been around from when people heard about computers. In short managed service providers are companies that provide IT services to other companies. This may just be a small task or they can even be managing the whole departments. It all depends on the requirements of the companies outsourcing the task.

Before MSPs went mainstream, for tasks that the companies could not handle in-house, they would look to other freelancers or other organizations to solve this problem for them. This called for a proactive solution in the market and paved the way for global MSPs. MSP filled this requirement void by exceeding the expectations of their clients thereby cementing their importance to such business. From the top of the line equipment to highly trained professionals operating them, MSPs could off it all at a fraction of the cost.

Like all tech-related industries, MSPs have had to evolve greatly to avoid irrelevance. The biggest threat that the industry faces in the near future is automation.

For now, the cloud computing technology taken off in the recent years. This has added a great deal of complexity from a security standpoint. This has resulted in the formation of hybrid MSP that need to mix in order to attain favorable results. With such innovations and developments, MSPs have become a necessity for all resulting in a tremendous growth of the industry. The most popular of which being disaster recovery and cloud-based backup.

It is not just the cloud industry that has made MSPs infamous, industries like strategic consultancies and cyber security have played a key role as well.

According to a survey conducted by IDC Application Services in 2017, 30% of executives have outsourced their organization’s infrastructure management and application portfolio. Within the next five years, this number is expected to rise to 41%.

However, choosing one MSP in the vast market with hundreds if not thousands of MSPs is a huge challenge for the CTOs and CIOs. They need to take many factors into consideration to choose the one that fits all their requirements. Ideally, MSPs must help an organization free up some in-house work hours to utilize them for more value-added strategic time. This will help a company grow. Another important criteria to consider an MSP over others is the sophistication of their equipment. A well-equipped company can save time in performing time, saving you money in return. Also look for a company with a well-reputed work staff. A good MSP ideally has the best equipment along with highly trained staff to operate them.

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