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Fast, affordable, reliable internet for businesses in the Twin Cities SE, MN

Is your internet slow?
Too expensive?

Why not have the best telecommunications for your business?

Telecommunications is the lifeline of your company. From phone service and back-up disaster to connecting your employees to the web, you need a reliable bandwidth provider to help. So, let an expert make the right choice for you. Get the network bandwidth you need at a cost you can afford. We’ll find the optimal solution for your company, no matter what your needs are.

Discover your options before you spend one dime.

CMIT Solutions has access to over 60 different telecommunications providers. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses find the best internet and telecom services. Furthermore we’re fast, accurate, and want you to have what you need today.

No Hassle, No Bias

Tired of working with sales people intent on selling THEIR product? Even more tired of them ignoring what is in the best interest of YOUR company? Say goodbye to pushy Telecom salespeople. Contact us for a no-obligation quote today.

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Our patented carrier research technology and seasoned telecom experts will help you through the provider selection process.

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First we help you decide on a provider. Then we negotiate the contract on your behalf to get you the best service and payment terms.

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Our project managers ensure your services are set up properly and on time. Therefore you face minimal disruption to your business.

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Don’t wait. Maximize your bandwidth potential.

Who should you choose?

Telecommunications services continue to advance significantly each year. However, new services don’t necessarily require an investment in new equipment. CMIT Solutions can help you with all of your telecom and internet bandwidth needs. Furthermore, our products help your company increase efficiency while reducing costs.

Ongoing Support

Our support continues beyond the sale. Once you partner with CMIT Solutions, we continue to help support you with all your internet and telecom needs. In addition, we provide a number of other managed IT solutions to further benefit your company. You also receive local support, backed by a nationwide pool of resources and IT experts from across the country.


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