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Hosting and Cloud Computing

Cloud computing and website hosting for businesses in Minneapolis-St. Paul

Cloud Computing in Minneapolis-St. Paul CMIT

Which cloud is right for your business?

Is your business ready to move to the cloud?

Cloud computing provides many benefits for your business. Its scalability means it grows with your business, so you have what you need when you need it. In addition, unlimited connectivity and access makes running your business much simpler. But with all the advantages, managing your cloud can be confusing and burdensome.

Fortunately, we’re here to help! At CMIT Solutions, we’ve designed 1000’s of cloud solutions and have the experience to do the same for you. From choosing your CPU and disk storage to picking the right bandwidth and cloud provider, we can help you make the tough decisions.

Don’t let an unmanaged cloud drop a storm on your business.

Your cloud is your virtual data center. And you can’t afford to let it go unmanaged. With our experience, we can make sure you’re getting a cloud solution that’s free from unexpected surprises.

What are your options?

When you’re setting up cloud computing, properly designing and monitoring your cloud solution is essential. We can help you with just that. With our design services, we make sure you get exactly what you need. Furthermore, we’ll monitor it every step of the way to ensure it grows with your business. And we provide it all for an affordable flat rate fee.

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Together we can evaluate your requirements and design the cloud solution to meet your needs. We also seek to balance cost, performance, and redundancy.

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Our team takes care of provisioning your cloud environment. We also migrate your data, applications, and on-board your team with their credentials.

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Each month we review your cloud consumption, highlight emerging operational issues, and help you prepare for growth.

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Over 160 locations,
wherever you are.

What makes CMIT Solutions support different?

At CMIT Solutions, our differentiation is our customer service. While several companies provide cloud computing, none of them provide the level of customer service that we do.

Over 160 different locations and more than 700 technicians are available to support your business. Have multiple locations or key team members traveling? No problem. Firstly, we can coordinate support to any location. Secondly, every member of the CMIT Solutions community uses the same business practices, management tools, and ticket tracking systems. As a result, work flows seamlessly through our system for you.

The CMIT Promise

Part of the CMIT Solutions culture is our commitment to service. Our Promise is this – we will be at your side until your problems are resolved and you are satisfied. Furthermore, we defend your network, protect your data, eliminate chaos, and are a true partner.

Need proof? Just ask one of the thousands of business owners and executives we work with throughout North America. If you’re ready to work with a provider that you can count on, we’d love to hear from you. Give us a call or fill out the contact form on our website and our team will be in touch with you ASAP. We can’t wait to serve you!


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