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Our areas of specialization

We focus on what our clients want most

Our Areas of Specialization

CMIT offers a complete suite of CMIT Solutions IT consulting, including products and services. Additionally, our Twin Cities SE office focuses on several areas of specialization.

We take pride in the experience and expertise we’ve gained over the years. And we hire the best and brightest to be part of our team. As a result, we offer clients the best in:

  • Cyber security protection
  • Data backup
  • Business recovery
  • Comprehensive IT management

IT Consulting in the Twin Cities that’s Part of Larger System

CMIT Solutions is made up of more than 160 locations throughout North America. In addition, we’re a team of over 700 technical employees. Consequently, any time you need expert support, IT consulting, or help with a specific application, all you need to do is ask. It takes us just a short time to locate someone who can provide the help you need with your problem when and where you need it.

We’ve invested in our team so they are better able to help you. So we understand the advantage of being part of an extensive team that can provide consulting and help with problems throughout North America. Our team has the training others lack and we support them with growth opportunities in every possible way.

When was the last time you wished you had access to a local technical expert that cared about your business? And would work to make your business grow? Maybe it’s time to meet one today. Contact us. We’ll come right over.

Let's dive into the (geek) details

One of the advantages of being part of the CMIT Solutions system is that we’ve served nearly every type of business and organization imaginable. We know that one size of IT support does not fit everyone.

IT Services in the Twin Cities

CMIT Marathon

From PCs and Macs to Linux servers and mobile devices, we provide proactive remote and on-site support for all of your systems.

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IT Services in the Twin Cities

CMIT Guardian

Keep your business and data safe with CMIT Guardian. You’ll get professional-grade data backup and recovery, encrypted offsite storage, and daily inspections.

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IT Services in the Twin Cities

CMIT Anywhere

Securely access your data anywhere through comprehensive cloud computing and services that include hosting, applications, and more.

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Managed Services in Minneapolis-St. Paul Graphic

CMIT Secure

We’ll protect your business with a multi-layered security defense. This includes firewalls, A/V, A/M, DNS filtering, 2FA, SSO, and also training for your employees.

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IT Services in the Twin Cities

CMIT Print

We’ll help you save time and money with intelligent, permission-based print management solutions.

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CMIT Voice

Ready to unify your communications and make the switch to VoIP? If so, we can help!

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Multi-Location Support

We’ll make sure you have the support you need no matter where you are or when you need us.

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24/7 IT Solutions in the twin cities

24/7 IT Support

Have an IT issue? We’re here to help, no matter what your question or problem is. Furthermore, we’re on call and ready to help you get whatever it is you need done.

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