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3 Things You Need to Know About Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management in Minneapolis-St. Paul ImageWondering if Your Business Could Benefit from Mobile Device Management in Minneapolis-St. Paul?

If you haven’t thought about mobile device management in Minneapolis-St. Paul, you should start. Every day both company-owned and employee-owned mobile devices are threatening your business and you may not even realize it. The use of mobile devices has exploded over the past 10 years and many businesses don’t have infrastructure in place to protect themselves against the dangers that can be associated with mobile devices. While mobile devices enable companies to deliver more efficient service to their customers, they are also putting businesses at risk. The key to protecting your business is figuring out how to manage the mobile devices that are used on-site. Here are three things you need to know about mobile device management.

  1. What it is. Mobile device management in Minneapolis-St. Paul is almost as simple as it sounds – the management of mobile devices. However, the specifications go beyond its simple name. Mobile device management gives your business control over the mobile devices that are connected to its network and using its applications and data. Many companies allow employees the flexibility of remote working, however, that does come with some inherent risks. Remote employees can sometimes be connected to insecure networks, like those in coffee shops, which can put your business at risk. Enacting MDM (mobile device management) software on corporate devices provides additional control when your devices are in these sketchy situations. MDM software can scan external apps for malware and security issues, create records of access, prevent sensitive info from being transmitted, create levels of authorization, provide real-time status updates, and more.
  2. Why it’s important. Mobile device management in Minneapolis-St. Paul is important because of the prevalence of mobility in business today. Not only are employees offered the flexibility of a remote work environment, which puts your business at risk, they’re using their own personal devices on your network as well. Think about how many employees you have. Think about how many of those employees have access to your Wi-Fi information. Every single employee who has access to your Wi-Fi is using their personal device on your network. That leaves your business vulnerable to the same kinds of attacks you may experience on company device or PC.
  3. Who can help you. Businesses can’t be expected to handle mobile device management in Minneapolis-St. Paul on their own. Finding a partner to provide guidance and action plans is critical in protecting your business. Working with a company like CMIT Solutions offers you the ability to protect the privacy and integrity of your employee’s personal and business devices, thereby securing your business’s data. Something as simple as installing an app on a device offers levels of protection that are invaluable.

If you’re looking for mobile device management in Minneapolis-St. Paul, let CMIT Solutions help. We’re backed by a nationwide network of IT professionals that can determine you needs and right-size a package to fit your budget.

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