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Perhaps you would like to know more about how CMIT Solutions IT security services can help your company grow? If you would like to know more and have bit of a conversational perspective on how we can help please look below for a link that fits your role and responsibilities:

We are focused at CMIT Solutions are providing enterprise-level support for you that is on par with a Fortune 500 company. Our specialized focus is on doing so for small and medium-sized businesses at friendly price points. Although we have a large network of over 200 locations and 700 technicians you would be lost in the mix. The reason for this is because each CMIT office is independently owned and operated. Many of these owners in our nationwide network came to us with experience in Fortune 500 companies. So your need to scale in a detailed and thoughtful manner will be easy for them to understand. It is quite possible that CMIT Solutions is the best-equipped choice in North America to help small and medium-sized businesses grow.

Continue reading further to learn about all of the moving parts of CMIT’s strategic approach, which we use to successfully structure the IT security services resources and infrastructure of all our managed service clients. It is enterprise level service and support at reasonable and affordable monthly pricing.

24/7/365 Service

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Proactive instead of reactive.

We will always work to fix your problems preemptively at CMIT Solutions instead of being reactive. So we always monitor your infrastructure 24/7 maintaining a constant view of what is happening with your computers, networks, servers, printers and more. Our goal is to try and completely eliminate your downtime.

Security that runs deep.

The digital world map is a wonderland with all types of dangers seeded in such as hackers, viruses, malware and more. No firewall could ever be enough to stop all of that.  Elite-level support will always include anti-virus, anti-malware, web filtering, IP traffic analysis, and other combined network security solutions that can create a castle moat around your systems. The results might not been seen but rather felt as infections and break downs start to disappear.

Comprehensive support.

You can be a small company of just two people or in charge of 100 employees. CMIT solutions can help all of you. We have technicians that are old hat at any number of strange issues by virtue of their decades of experience. And we have a strong commitment to staying on the cutting edge of cybersecurity and technology so that we can grow your business in ways no one else can do.

Nationwide Scale

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A deep IT infrastructure.

Working as a part of a huge network of over 200 location and 700 technicians CMIT Solutions can gift you with unrivaled support. You might have three different office on various continents. Or you might have only one main office. But we will be sure to craft technology infrastructure that bends to meet your needs rather than trying to do it the other way around.

Strategic industry partnerships.

We are lucky enough to be able to use our collective bargaining power to maintain close connections with companies like Microsoft, Barracuda, Intuit and Dell. Our IT security services provides us with the leverage to get you purchasing discounts, enhanced support and other perks, which can all be reached a locally owned business nearby.

Nonstop communication.

It is pivotal to create a collaborative culture and open communication is the best way in the business world. CMIT Solutions IT security services is very proud of our success in fostering this with our experience in the industry of the past 20 years. It helps us more smoothly remain updated on research, product development and industry trends so that we can share it with you. Our clients that are located throughout North America are never forgotten with our one-to-one business approach about technology.

Unmatched Quality

IT Solutions in New York

Real solutions for real-world problems.

IT security services companies tend to craft their services based on trendy concerns or keywords. However, CMIT Solutions does something different because we provide customized services matching your specific needs right now not just in the future.

A steady focus on the human element.

Computers, devices and networks are the basis for much that professional managed services companies do. However, people or your employees are often forgotten as a part of this formulation. They must be considering in your security planning using acceptable use policies, training and support. This allows you plan for the important human element of your business.

Compliance that counts.

Your business might work in any area such as health care, finance, legal, or other regulated industries, but compliance done right is a critical element for any business. The moving parts for this can include data storage, encryption, disaster recovery and so much more, which all must be up to industry and government standards. Excellent offerings from a quality provider who will go out of their way to ensure your success and prevent any legal penalties by go above and beyond.

Foresight & Commitment

Dedication to businesses of all sizes.

Often times large professional managed services don’t treat their smaller clients with equal care and respect the way they do their larger clients. CMIT Solutions IT security services has many business owners with experience from corporate backgrounds.

No solution is a fit for all business needs which is why we enjoy the opportunity to encourage and improve small and medium size businesses in all 50 states. As we help overcome IT challenges your success enables our own as small business owners. We look forward to helping you survive and thrive.

Industry insight and innovation.

Technology is ever morphing, an IT security services company must have a clear view of the future. We work doing primary and secondary research, testing and validating new solutions, and delving into cybersecurity issues and unexpected challenges. All of these things are the hallmarks of a strong IT provider who will put you as a high priority. This can encompass cloud storage, file syncing, mobile device security and more. CMIT Solutions is proud of how we stay ahead of the most cutting edge technology so you can use all of these developments in your business.

The CMIT Promise

IT Solutions in New York

The Human Intelligence Behind the Technology.

CMIT Solutions IT security services tries to be the human intelligence behind the hard code and information technology. We don’t want to just be a temporary contractor or a voice over the phone. We will be ready to be your trusted partner helping you to make proactive decisions about technology. As fellow small business owners we know what your everyday life is like. We will be there for you when you need built in IT support staff. Our professional managed services will work hard to fix things regardless of how long it might take to do so. That is our CMIT Promise and it is a unique one that won’t be found anywhere else even among Fortune 500 IT security services companies.

“It’s hard to find words to express our gratitude for the work they have done and continue to do.”

Barbara Crowley, Director of Operations | REI Engineers

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