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3 Benefits to Outsourcing Your IT

IT Outsourcing in New York GraphicIf you’ve been considering IT outsourcing in New York, you’ve joined the ranks of thousands of companies looking for an easier way to handle daily IT operations. Smart move. Outsourcing IT is quickly becoming the go-to option for small- to medium-sized businesses. Many businesses are realizing that carrying an in-house IT staff or pouring all the responsibility on one or two overwhelmed employees, is too inefficient. Keeping an in-house IT team on staff can be too costly for small- to medium-sized businesses and outsourcing your IT can provide a myriad of benefits. Here are three distinct benefits to outsourcing your IT needs to a trusted partner like CMIT Solutions.


It’s likely that you’re looking at IT outsourcing in New York to increase your security and that’s exactly what companies who provide these types of services do! When you work with an outsourced IT provider, your network will be better protected from cyberattacks. Many small- to medium-sized businesses don’t think that hackers are targeting them but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, cyber criminals love small businesses because oftentimes they are less protected than their larger counterparts. When you work with a company that provides outsourced IT, you can rest assured that your network is updated and secure. Outsourced IT companies focus on being proactive and trying to keep cybercriminals out of your information. They’d much rather prevent an attack than deal with the aftermath of one, which is beneficial for your business.


Simply put, IT outsourcing in New York is more cost-effective than carrying your own in-house IT team or leaving your network insecure. Carrying full-time IT staff in-house can be incredibly expensive for a New York business. Not only do you have to pay competitive wages for top talent, you have to fork out money for benefits, training, insurance, and more. With outsourced IT, you’ll sign up for a plan that includes only those services you need and nothing extra. Companies like CMIT Solutions can right-size a solution that works for your business and your budget. You’ll also pay on a monthly basis, so you know what your IT costs will be. It’s predictable and much easier on your bottom line.


Obviously if you’re considering IT outsourcing in New York, you’re trying to find an organization to provide support. But IT support goes deeper than being available 24/7, though that is one of the benefits of outsourced IT. Support also means that you’ll have a partner that will focus on your business and its expanding needs. Working with a company that provides outsourced IT gives you the distinct advantage of having a team of fully trained, knowledgeable IT professionals at your fingertips. They live and breathe IT and that means that they’ll alert you to emerging technologies that can increase efficiency and benefit your business. If they identify a new technology that can benefit your business, and you want it, an outsourced IT team can also more quickly implement it than your in-house team could. They just have more resources to do so and at a cheaper cost!

If you’re looking for IT outsourcing in New York, let CMIT Solutions help. We have a team of experienced professionals set in a local office to service your needs, as well as a nationwide support network to assist any remote or traveling employees as needed all at one convenient cost.

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