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Designated IT Person

Learn how CMIT Solution’s Outsourced IT in Cheyenne can free you from IT

Are you stuck being the designated IT person?

If your company relies on you for IT issues, which interferes with your ability to do your “real” job, you’re not alone. A big reason businesses turn to outsourced IT in Cheyenne is to relieve their designated but unofficial IT person of their IT burden.

Businesses all over the United States and North America are dealing with this exact problem every day. They hired an employee to do one thing, but once they realize that employee has some tech knowledge or skill, the majority of his or her time is spent dealing with IT problems.The good news is there is a way to fix the problem. CMIT Solutions has helped individuals and their companies escape from this never-ending cycle of frustration. Any business that’s calling on an unofficial IT person on a regular basis has reached the point in their growth where outsourced IT in Cheyenne is the answer. Now is the time to hand the reigns off to us.

The first concern most businesses have when they are considering outsourced IT in Cheyenne?

Whether or not it will fit their budget. We’ve got more good news. Our wide range of services allows us to work with you on a package that is not only suited to your company’s needs but is also right for your budget. We focus on small- and medium-sized businesses, so our expectations aren’t what you’d find with larger companies. You’re not going to get promises from us only to be given a budget proposal that makes your eyes grow wide. What you will get is access to our experience and resources. We’re able to troubleshoot tech issues, help you make decisions as you grow, and can even use our project management experience to assist our company.

How Outsourced IT in Cheyenne Works.

We’re not going to step in and completely overhaul your business. We follow whatever processes you have in place and find ways to resolve the tech issues you’re having within your current systems. But if you’re ready for a change, we’ve seen enough to be able to suggest new ways of doing things.

That’s not all. We’re local, so we’re able to provide you with the personalized attention that helps you feel confident and secure. But we also have access to a network of more than 750 technicians throughout North America when we need more resources than what’s available in the local community.

Every one of our offices has a specialization and when we bring those resources together to assist your business, we’re unstoppable. All of the best teams needed a little support now and then. Let us help you with outsourced IT in Cheyenne.

Give us thirty minutes, and we can let you know if we can help. We’ll even help you justify our services to your leadership team. Every great relationship starts with hello. Contact us.

Ask for the IT Service you require

One of the advantages of being part of the CMIT Solutions system is that we’ve served nearly every type of business and organization imaginable. We know that one size of IT support does not fit everyone.

Outsourced IT in Cheyenne for Healthcare


Let us handle the purchase of new hardware, software, and other mission-critical IT equipment at discounted prices with Outsourced IT in Cheyenne.

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IT Solutions in Cheyenne

Multi-Location Support

No matter where you are in North America, chances are we have an office nearby — get the IT support you deserve, when and where you need it​ Learn more about our Products and Services.​

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Cloud Security in Cheyenne

Cloud Solutions

Secure access to manage your documents, files, emails, and other critical assets from anywhere.

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Network Security in Cheyenne Icon

Network Security

Manage access to your most important data, keep critical information secure with firewalls and monitoring, improving your business performance with the right mix of network management, security, and bandwidth.

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Data Security in Cheyenne

Backup and Recovery

Mistakes happen, computers fail, and people drop things. Outsourced IT in Cheyenne will protect your data by keeping your employees up and running.

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IT Solutions in Cheyenne

24/7 IT Support

Have an IT problem? We can help. Whatever the question is, we are on call, ready to solve any problems that might arise.

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Print Services in Cheyenne

Managed Print Services

Never run out of toner again while saving time and money with intelligent permission-based print management solutions.

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Mobile Device Management in Cheyenne

Mobile Device Management

We manage every device your team uses — tablets or phones, no problem.

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