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What’s the Deal with ‘The Cloud’?

Cloud Services in CasperYou might’ve gotten advice to seek out cloud services in Casper, or maybe you’ve just heard a lot of talk about the cloud and still aren’t exactly sure what it means or how it works. The cloud may just sound like an IT buzzword to some, but it has real benefits that could help your business. In the simplest terms, the cloud is a large network of servers around the world that are linked together and operate as a single system. The cloud is somewhere things can “live” off-site instead of on private servers at your business’s location. Cloud computing uses the cloud to provide on-demand services like applications, storage, and more, over an internet connection.

Many businesses of all sizes are using cloud computing as a way to make their operations more efficient and their data more easily accessible. Instead of everything living locally on a computer, everyone in the company can access information and applications used for daily operation through the cloud as long as they have a web browser and internet connection. This gives businesses much more flexibility and offers their employees are more reasonable work-life balance – which can attract top talent. Working through cloud services in Casper means that you can be on a beach in Key West and still get your job done just as efficiently as if you were behind a desk in Wyoming.

Lots of large corporates have realized the benefit of cloud computing in providing enhanced services to users as well. As an example, instead of buying programs and installing them on your machines, you can now simply work through the cloud. Some great examples of this are Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive as well as Dropbox, Netflix, and more. You don’t need to download these applications to any machine – you simply login and you’re good to go! Working in the cloud means that businesses save time because employees can collaborate on the same documents or projects simultaneously from wherever they’re located. You can make edits to files in real time and pick up where you left off whenever and wherever.

Another great benefit of cloud services in Casper is that you don’t have the responsibility of having and maintaining a server on site. Because remote servers handle the computing and storage, you save money by not needing an expensive machine to bear the brunt of the load. In addition, your IT staff gets more of their time back to focus on the business. Often when data is stored in-house or businesses don’t use the cloud, IT staff gets tangled up in daily maintenance which means they can’t use their expertise to think big picture for the business. Cloud computing takes the burden of maintenance off of them!

If you’re looking for reliable cloud services in Casper, let CMIT Solutions help. We’re backed by a nationwide network of talented IT staff that can answer all your questions, any time you need them.

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