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How Small Businesses Can Stay HIPAA Compliant

HIPAA Compliance in CheyenneInterested in How Small Businesses Can Stay HIPAA Compliant? Here Are 2 Tips to Help Your Company Do So. 

When you think about HIPAA compliance, you may think it applies only large hospitals and medical organizations. However, even small business owners need to remain compliant for the safety of their patients and staff. If you work with any medical service provider, it’s important that you learn the essentials for HIPAA compliance in Cheyenne. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), also known as the “Privacy Rule,” creates policies and regulations to ensure individuals’ health data is protected. The rules apply of course to hospitals and medical facilities, but also to employers who pay for any portion of employee health care plans.

The HIPAA privacy laws apply to all businesses that handle the flow of patient information – including if you work with a medical service provider. If your business works with the following information, you need to educate yourself on HIPAA compliance in Cheyenne:

  • Conversations around care or treatment with doctors, nurses, or other medical personnel
  • Personal details of patients
  • Medical information and records, including patient diagnosis and medical records

If you or your employees have access to this protected health information, it is required that it remain protected at all times. You and your team must be aware of the privacy rules, and have a system in place to ensure the private information is protected. 

How to Stay HIPAA Compliant

The rules for HIPAA compliance are long and detailed and can be found on this website. As you begin ensuring your business is compliant, you may want to start with the following steps:

1. Increase Awareness

Every employee that works with sensitive data must be aware of the privacy laws. Implement security training for all employees, and put a system in place to keep the data protected. Run an annual assessment to ensure every employee knows exactly what to do, and to check on your security systems.

2. Be Proactive

The best way to prepare for an emergency is to decrease the risk that one will ever occur. This starts with proactive measures to keep your data safe. Cyber attackers have learned how vulnerable many small businesses are, and have discovered that they are able to access their data quite easily. According to a survey from Radware, about 39 percent of healthcare organizations were hit daily or weekly by hackers. Then after the attacks, the average healthcare organization spent $1.4 million to recover. Not only can an attack decrease your ability to do business and make revenue, but it also ruins your trust with customers and partners. In this digital age, you can no longer assume your business is too small to be a target.

In order to keep sensitive data safe and maintain HIPAA compliance in Cheyenne, working with an outside team may be recommended. Network security is increasingly challenging for small businesses to handle in-house, and a team of experts will know how to stay compliant and keep your data safe. Ensuring your business stays HIPAA compliant in Cheyenne is extremely important both to keep sensitive information protected, and to keep your company above the law. If you aren’t sure whether the laws apply to you, do some research as soon as possible. 

If you have any questions or are looking for assistance, please reach out to us and we will meet your needs ASAP.

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