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3 Low-Cost Tech Tips for Small Businesses


IT Solutions in CheyenneInterested in IT Solutions in Cheyenne? Here Are 3 Low-Cost Tech Tips For Your Small Business. 

Technology can take a small business from struggling to successful – but how can you determine what’s worth the investment? Small businesses know they need to stay up-to-date with their tech, but aren’t sure where to start for IT solutions in Cheyenne. The average SMB spends between $10,000 and $49,000 per year on technology, and 22% of those business owners feel they are spending too much. To keep yourself out of that 22%, consider the low-cost IT solutions in Cheyenne that will keep your system running and your customers coming in.

1. Go Mobile With Your IT Solutions

First, you can go mobile with your IT solutions in Cheyenne. This includes phones, computers, and other software that encourages mobile employees, like cloud-based software. If you’re paying for a traditional landline, most likely you can swap it for VoIP, virtual or web-based phone lines, or just use cell phones. Mobile devices are also often easier to update and have more frequent software updates. This means that bugs that may make the device susceptible to hacking are more likely to be detected and updated.

When you rely on mobile IT solutions in Cheyenne, your employees can continue working from wherever, ensuring business always runs as usual. Your customers will always get the experience they deserve, even if your team is on the road. This helps reduce customer churn and ensures they stay loyal for years to come.

2. Hire Remote-Only Employees

If you bring on enough mobile tools, you can even start hiring remote-only employees. You can find affordable options for a number of cloud-based software and mobile tools, including:

  • Online appointment scheduling
  • Teleconference tools
  • Cloud-based file sharing
  • Remote desktop applications
  • Time tracking tools
  • Online invoicing services

As technology continues to get better year over year, much of your business will likely be able to move to a mobile platform. Just remember to read reviews and do some research to make sure you choose a mobile tool that will help you, not hurt you.

3. Investing in Data Security

According to UPS Capital, the average cyber security breach costs a small business owner between $84,000 and $148,000. By investing in data security up-front, you’ll save hundreds of thousands of dollars and a lot of worrying. And many small business owners are realizing the importance, as over 47% of small-medium business owners are budgeting for data security technology this year.  One of the best ways to get great IT solutions in Cheyenne that keep your business safe is to outsource it to a team of experts. By working with an outside company, you save on operational needs like accounting or HR, plus save time spend on hiring and training. A team of IT experts provides convenience and better scale, plus gives you more time to focus on growing your business. You can save a lot on your tech by working with experts who will get you the best, most efficient IT solutions in Cheyenne.

Technology doesn’t have to be expensive. As a small-business owner, there are a number of ways you can stay on the cutting edge without blowing your budget. Always do your research and consult your network to find the latest-and-greatest technology tool that could make a big difference in your growth.

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