IT Procurement for Franchises: Where To Start

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Reliable IT services are indispensable, especially in tech-heavy business environments. If you run a franchise with multiple locations, having dependable, steadfast IT and cybersecurity support can be even more crucial. This is why outsourcing IT procurement for franchises with a managed IT services provider like CMIT Solutions of Bellevue is so valuable.

In this blog, we’ll go over where to start when it comes to IT procurement for franchises, from understanding what’s at risk to considering all the franchise-specific benefits of outsourced IT.

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Understand What’s at Risk

Having a strong IT and cybersecurity foundation complete with the latest technological tools is especially critical for franchises. Why? Because they operate out of multiple locations, they have more data and staff to oversee. 

If you own a franchise and want to procure IT services or equipment, it’s important that you understand exactly what’s at risk. Here are some of the main security issues that outsourced IT procurement for franchises can alleviate.

Suffering Data Breaches

The risk of being hacked can come at a franchise tenfold because it has multiple physical locations. Confidential customer and employee data can be in jeopardy if a franchise doesn’t take proper steps to keep that data secure across the board.

Putting Strain on Internal IT Teams

While some franchise businesses have on-site IT workers, it isn’t always feasible to depend on them to cover all the bases:

  • Managing multiple locations 
  • Streamlining information 
  • Strictly following all cybersecurity details 

That’s especially applicable when you have to keep up with industry-standard security training. Outsourcing your cybersecurity and IT procurement can definitely ease the strain on your internal workers.

Falling Behind on Tech Updates

No matter your industry, technological advances are rapidly evolving every day. When you manage multiple franchise locations, it can be exceedingly demanding to keep them all up to date without managed IT providers’ assistance. 

We can make sure you’re in the loop with the latest changes, as well as help you install and learn about new technological tools.

Jeopardizing Compliance

Just like with technological updates, it can be stressful for franchises to stay current with all laws, regulations and compliance guidelines critical to running their companies. 

However, regulatory monitoring from outsourced managed IT service providers can help your franchise keep up with changes. As only one serious benefit, you’ll avoid costly fees and penalties.

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Consider What Outsourced IT Procurement for Franchises Can Do for You

Now that you know what’s at risk, it’s easy to see why procuring IT from a managed services partner protects your franchise. Here are just a few of the benefits of outsourcing IT for franchises.

Receiving Proactive Monitoring and Help Desk Support

Managed IT service providers like CMIT Solutions of Bellevue monitor and maintain your tech infrastructure around the clock. We’re ready to assist you 24/7 with any issues that might arise. Plus, you can rest easy knowing that partnering with CMIT Solutions helps you avoid costly outages and frustrating tech issues.

Reducing Strain on Internal Resources

Lessen the stress of continuously training your internal staff on IT. Partnering with CMIT Solutions simplifies and streamlines all IT support and reduces the demand (and financial strain) on your internal IT resources.

Implementing Franchise-Wide Changes and Updates

Rapidly implementing company-wide changes and updates can be tricky when you’re operating multiple franchise locations. Franchises need a broad IT support system that consistently keeps everyone on the same page. Outsourced IT can eliminate any confusion and issues that accompany working with multiple providers and ensure operations run smoothly.

Growing Your Franchise

Your franchise’s success is paramount. And every franchise’s primary goal is expansion. CMIT Solutions can clear any IT and tech obstacles that may throw a wrench into your franchise’s growth and success.

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Connect With a Managed IT Partner Like CMIT Solutions of Bellevue

At CMIT Solutions of Bellevue, we provide high-quality IT support to franchises like yours daily. We aim to keep your information safe and processes secure — no matter where you’re located. 

We’re also industry experts on the best technological devices and will help you with easy installation. Now, you can focus on providing your customers with great services and expanding your franchise.

Contact us today, and let’s get started!

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