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Network design and analysis

Protecting your business requires 24/7/365 support—it’s not just a task for office hours. CMIT Solutions conducts comprehensive network inspections and security scans that proactively address problems before they compromise your company’s safety.

Our approach centers on identifying network breaches and potential threats before they jeopardize your company’s systems. This preemptive stance ensures your network solutions remain resilient against evolving cyber threats, safeguarding your network security, sensitive data, and customer trust.

Our holistic approach and continuous monitoring of critical datasets encompass strategic design and analysis solutions tailored to your unique business needs. CMIT Solutions optimizes your network performances while minimizing risks. Our network monitoring services guarantee your business’s long-term success.

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Fewer system outages

IT outages can be caused by human error, configuration issues, and natural disasters. But when you properly manage your networks, you can stay one step ahead of potential problems. This leads to fewer bottlenecks and disruptions.

CMIT Solutions oversees network configuration and user access by adopting a robust network maintenance plan to mitigate potential risks. We implement disaster recovery and business continuity plans, including data backup and mechanisms to fortify your network’s resilience against unforeseen security breaches.

Our network third-party hardware maintenance services give you more control over your network systems to minimize the frequency and duration of system outages while enhancing overall resilience. The result is a more stable and reliable IT environment that increases productivity and customer satisfaction.

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Enhanced cybersecurity

Network management protects your business-critical data by comparing normal system performance with the results of intrusion detection and traffic analysis tools. If anything looks amiss, CMIT Solutions can isolate the aberration and fix it before it affects other devices connected to your network.

Our vigilant network monitoring services swiftly detect any irregularities within your network infrastructure. These potential issues may indicate unauthorized access attempts, security breaches, or other suspicious activities. Identifying these issues in real-time allows CMIT Solutions to isolate security breaches and mitigate potential threats.

Such proactive measures prevent potential threats from spreading into your networks and minimize potential damage. Our IT management systems ensure your business-critical data remains secure to guarantee the integrity and continuity of your network. Bolster your software updates and network maintenance systems to solidify your cybersecurity posture.

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How Strong Is Your Connection?

Network connectivity issues can strain businesses. Here’s how CMIT Solutions can help:

Secure Wi-Fi Networks

Whether it’s voice, video, text, or email, every company has to stay connected. CMIT Solutions provides network bandwidth you can count on, day or night, no matter how busy your employees are.

Safe Remote Work Environment

Hybrid work environments and remote workforces mean different liabilities and risks. CMIT Solutions establishes systems that give employees reliable and safe access using tools like multi-factor authorization (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), and virtual private networks (VPNs).

State-of-the-Art Network Equipment

Network management doesn’t always require an investment in new equipment. CMIT Solutions can help you make informed infrastructure choices to support bandwidth needs for years to come.

24/7/365 Support

We review your network operations on a recurring basis—typically every month or quarter. This allows us to solve issues before you notice them and analyze network health, downtime, and security threats.

Increased Productivity

What’s the best way to measure the success of network management solutions? The lack of downtime—and a corresponding increase in employee satisfaction and productivity.

Industry-Best Partners

We understand the nuances of different network providers—and can help you select the right vendor. Then we extend our support with smart contract terms and easy payment options.

Solution Deployment

CMIT Solutions serves as your network project manager, ensuring that new services are properly implemented, so they don’t cause any disruptions to everyday business.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A VPN provides an extra layer of privacy by encrypting your internet data when using unsecured networks. This allows businesses and individuals to protect their online data and sensitive business information from prying eyes.

Is Your Network Secure?

Don’t let uncertainty negatively impact your business.

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Is Your Network Secure?

Don’t let uncertainty negatively impact your business.

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Proactive monitoring

Why monitor every piece of hardware and software used by your business? Because when you track the function and performance of networks, you can quickly adjust system settings to meet demand.

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Immediate resolution

When we see issues, we fix them—we don’t wait until they escalate. CMIT Solutions can lock down networks to address vulnerabilities while maintaining connectivity for your employees. And our network management software optimizes performance and security.

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A Secure Network Can Make All the Difference

Education and training of staff members on how to stay secure is a top priority.


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Tech Specs

Network Management

Internet Services

We can help you find a reliable and affordable Internet service provider to maintain online connectivity.

Firewall Management

Firewalls are an important part of cybersecurity, and CMIT Solutions applies industry best practices to safeguard your network. Configuring and monitoring a firewall to maintain a secure network includes setting rules and policies, tracking changes, and monitoring user access to firewall settings.

Wi-Fi Management

We help businesses maintain optimal Wi-Fi signals that are safe and secure to keep employees connected and productive.

Network Design

As technology advances, networks expand in complexity. CMIT Solutions helps businesses design and construct networks that are optimized for their particular business requirements.

Remote Access (VPN)

With more employees working remotely than ever before, providing secure access to your systems for remote teams is crucial. Virtual private networks (VPNs) are critical to enabling and protecting that connection.

Network Diagramming

Our automated discovery tools visualize all of the nodes of a business network to identify needed improvements, reduce time in troubleshooting, ease documentation efforts, and catch issues before they affect day-to-day operations.

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