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Cost-effective IT planning

Hiring a Virtual CIO might seem like a big investment, but having that integrated extension of your team is far more affordable than hiring another full-time employee. With trusted IT guidance, you can make smart financial decisions now and in the future.

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Tech trend forecasting

What’s it like to have real expertise in your corner? CMIT Solutions helps your business level the IT playing field, anticipate future trends, manage risks, and leverage new technology for a real competitive advantage.

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Streamlined decision-making

If you’ve struggled to make the right IT call—or felt overwhelmed by competing opinions—CMIT Solutions can help. A Virtual CIO/CTO/CISO combines business acumen with collaborative listening to help you make the best choice.

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Your Very Own Specialized Expert

Nothing can take the place of a reliable business partner who can help you navigate cybersecurity decisions and IT planning.

Strategic Planning

Before providing guidance, CMIT Solutions meets with you to understand your business goals and identify problems early to avoid difficulties down the road. Then we customize the IT strategy and build the infrastructure needed to achieve those goals.

Pragmatic Execution

Once a plan is set, we execute it in the most efficient way possible. That means step-by-step project road maps, milestones, and deliverables, along with timelines that fit into your normal workflows.

Ongoing Management

A trusted partner doesn’t just set something up and then forget it. CMIT Solutions provides regular guidance that adheres to service-level agreements, supporting your business now and in the future.

Accelerated Growth

As a Virtual CIO/CTO/CISO, we work collaboratively with you on budgeting and revenue forecasting. This delivers a focused return on investment to strengthen your regular business reviews.

Sustainable Compliance

CMIT Solutions understands how hard it is to achieve industry and legal compliance. We review existing requirements, provide trusted recommendations, and ensure that changes are implemented and maintained. 

You Have Problems, We Have Solutions

Sometimes an outside perspective is all you need. CMIT Solutions fixes
ongoing problems—and prevents them from occurring in the future.

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Evaluate hardware and software

Many businesses feel the need to maintain outdated machines and legacy applications—even if they’re a drain on company budgets. An objective view from a vCIO can help you understand which assets are actually being used and which might be a waste of money.

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Strengthen cybersecurity

As cyberattacks become more sophisticated and technology evolves to defend against them, enhanced IT guidance is a must. A virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) can help you develop strong policies, better train employees, and plan for disruptions before they strike.

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Maximize operational efficiency

Once a new IT strategy is in place, it makes sense to keep a knowledgeable expert on your team. They can monitor technology activity and make sure day-to-day operations work smoothly for all of your employees.

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Want a Secret Weapon on Your Team?

Some IT teams simply keep computers running. At CMIT Solutions, we integrate with company leadership and understand critical business goals.

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IT Services

IT Guidance

vCIO and vCISO

Our network includes experts who can serve as a virtual chief information officer (vCIO) or virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) to augment existing IT teams or meet compliance mandates that require a designated security officer assigned to the business.

Incident Response Plan

Incident response and disaster recovery plans help businesses manage risk and prepare for a range of disruptive events. That satisfies several cybersecurity regulations that require businesses to develop incident response plans.

Training and Education

In addition to the online security awareness training offered as part of our cybersecurity services, CMIT Solutions offers customized training and education services that meet the needs of your company’s employees.

Project Management and Delivery

We assist businesses with a range of IT projects, no matter how complex. That assistance includes critical services to keep projects on track, such as assessments, scope of work planning, checkpoint planning, and progress reports.

Risk Assessment

We conduct risk assessments that help businesses identify areas of IT vulnerability and prepare for the most likely attack or disruption scenarios.

IT Moving Services

CMIT Solutions can handle the logistics of relocating IT equipment and building out your company’s IT infrastructure at a new location. That makes any office move a breeze.

Staff Augmentation

CMIT Solutions can expand a business’s workforce to meet the increasing IT demands that companies might face. Staff augmentation also provides additional support for special projects.

Legal E-Discovery

E-discovery is a form of digital investigation that searches email, business communications, and other data for evidence that could be used in litigation or criminal proceedings. In the past, e-discovery was a manual process, but software tools now give organizations an automated solution.

Achieve Tech Success

With defined expectations, detailed scope, and objective success
metrics, our customized IT guidance empowers you to succeed.

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Integrated Solutions with IT Guidance

Technology support is difficult—especially as the industry reinvents itself every year. CMIT Solutions is here to help with a mix and match menu of services that meet your business needs.

Cloud Services

I want to migrate to the cloud.

Experience the cost savings, efficiencies, and anywhere access of the latest cloud solutions.


I need to comply with my industry regulations.

Confidently meet data and privacy regulations through specialized compliance services.


I need protection from ransomware.

Defend your business against cyberthreats with multi-layered security solutions.

Data Backup

I need to securely back up my data.

Know that you can recover your data no matter what happens with consistent, dependable backup solutions.

IT Procurement

I’m opening a new location.

Leverage our vendor relationships for cost-effective, top-quality systems and equipment.

IT Support

I need faster IT support.

Rely on dependable IT support to resolve issues quickly and avoid disruptions to your business.

Managed Services

My business needs help with IT and security.

Keep your technology securely running at peak potential with 24/7 monitoring and expert management.

Network Management

I need faster wifi and more streamlined systems

Improve your network connectivity through secure network solutions.

Productivity Applications

I need to install new software.

Give your team the tools they need to do their best work with app implementation services.

Unified Communications

My team needs to collaborate and connect with customers.

Seize new opportunities and foster collaboration with reliable, anywhere connectivity.