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Modern technology has made it a prerequisite for every company to house a functional IT infrastructure. In addition to making the workflow more efficient, they also help you build a safe and secure environment to work and store valuable data in. We understand how important this role is for the growth of your organization and how IT is crucial in maintaining a good market presence. CMIT Solutions undertakes these responsibilities quite seriously. And, to attend to all your IT related needs, we provide a range of IT management services.

Services provided by CMIT Solutions include:


  • Managed IT Support: We help you outsource IT tools and services so that your company doesn’t have to bear the load of working with and maintaining them. You can also benefit from our experts who provide insightful advice related to technology so that you are always at the top of your game.
  • Data Protection and Backup: Protection of a company’s data is important at all costs. We know that very well. This is why we install and update data protection plans so that you never have to worry about the loss of your data.
  • Cybersecurity: Instances of data breach have become quite common. Companies who think that they might not be a target are the ones hacker’s usual target because getting into their system is easier. With CMIT Solutions ensure that your network remains protected from all ends.
  • Data Backup: Data powers the core of your business. If by some fated tragedy some data loss does happen, you need to have an immediate backup plan so that you are always on the go.
  • Network Security: CMIT Solutions’ network security plan includes regular checkups for vulnerabilities in the system as we continue to update your network in the latest security technology in the market. We also provide you with scans that evaluate the strength of network security.
  • Cloud Cybersecurity: With numerous organizations migrating to cloud-based storage and operational environments, the question of whether it is completely secure or not arises. We not only help companies effectively manage their cloud storage system but also build a strong wall of defense to prevent any kind of unauthorized access.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery: CMIT Solutions’ disaster recovery plan ensures that even in the face of the failure of systems or damage to your data, you continue to work effortlessly. These are designed for immediate response in times of emergencies and come with a data recovery plan so that you are always prepared for the worst.
  • Mobile device management: Usage of mobile devices for carrying out a lot of business tasks is quite common. But ask yourself this question- is it really safe? We help you design new policies and deploy security controls on all kinds of devices that are being used for the working of your organization.
  • IT Procurement: IT Procurement can be a really challenging task given the complexities of modern technology and choosing which provider is right for you. Not only do we make the IT procurement process easier for you but we also provide state-of-the-art technologies so that you can become more efficient than ever.
  • Virtual CIO/CTO: Technology without the right guidance and information on how to use it constructively is not of much use. At CMIT Solutions’ you can avail of our Virtual CIO/CTO services so that you can reap the true benefits of modern technology and be more and more successful.

CMIT Solutions offers you services that prove to be quite helpful in the orderly optimization, maintenance, and security of your system’s network. Don’t you think, it would be easy if we took care of all your needs or operational hindrances so that you would not have to miss addressing that important matter due to technical issues like these? Our goal is to work towards the goal of your company. We design tools and plans so that you can achieve that objective you have set for your business. After all, be it a small or medium-sized business (something we specialize in), every company deserves to be handled exceptionally well.

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