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Who we are

In the early 90s, soon after I completed my Engineering and MBA education, I tried to start a small scale confectionary industry. At the time I was still a dependent and did not have financial freedom or independence to make decisions. So naturally I did not succeed. Everybody had opinions and comments about why entrepreneurship is a bad idea.

As far back as I can remember my life, I always wanted to be an entrepreneur. In 5th grade when asked to write an essay about my life’s goal, I wrote that I wanted to be an Engineer and manufacture automobiles. So, everything I did in the last 30 years was just preparation for starting CMIT solutions of Cary-Apex. I went through a full gamut of engineering and management experience. I was a management trainee at a mining company, project engineer at a steel company, project manager for a mineral water plant and project management consultant to a world’s top soft drink company. I worked in all phases of concept to commissioning.

In the late 90s, I reinvented myself and went back to education and spent couple of years learning programming C to Java and XML to Oracle. I started my career at the starting block as a programmer and spent the last 17 years in various positions at the world’s #1 networking company.

Why did I want to be an entrepreneur? My answer was to compare entrepreneurship to parenthood. A parent gives birth to his child and does everything in his power to nurture, teach and make his child into a good human being and an asset to his society. An entrepreneur starts a company, builds it into a productive entity that provides employment, serves the community in which it exists and contributes to the nation’s economy.

I can provide employment enabling my staff to have a better quality and standard of living. I provide service to other businesses that help them improve their profits and grow their business. This increase in revenue strengthens an economy and promotes the overall welfare of the population. I can help other businesses adopt new technologies and innovations contributing to overall economic development and promoting efficiency.

For me, there is no cause more noble than entrepreneurship.

What we do.

CMIT Solutions operates on a managed services model that offers proactive outsourced IT services and management services at affordable, consistent monthly rates. Our subscription model allows small business owners to effectively budget and foresee IT expenses, saving them money and time in the long run. We provide a variety of different services that we can tailor to suit your businesses needs. We wrap outstanding technology with personalized service and the CMIT Promise. Ask us what the CMIT Promise means to your business.

Our Team

At CMIT Solutions, we eat, sleep and breath technology.  Our eyes glisten when we see how a well managed technology fuels business growth.  We are passionate about our work, motivated to exceed our clients’ expectations, and willing to go the extra mile. Passion is a trait we look for in everyone in our team.

But our team has more than passion.  We have a purpose.  We serve our community by bringing the best information technology support to businesses and we empower the growth of those businesses.  We live here.  We work here. We are dedicated to building a thriving local business community.

We are also part of a larger organization which has a twenty year history of success in technology, business management, and franchising. Our executive team funds market research, selects, tests, and vets the products and companies with whom we do business, and assures that we have additional support channels that other companies do not have, due to the size and strength of our network.  Our entire system collaborates to bring our collective client base the best technology support available today.

Prakash Inuganti

Prakash Inuganti
President- CMIT Solutions of Cary-Apex

CMIT Solutions
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“Our line of work is dependent on IT and we can’t have any downtime. CMIT has helped us grow from three employees to 20, and they’ve helped us manage our growth and begin working with remote employees, keeping us all connected.”

Michael Mills, President | Broadwing Aviation

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