Benefits of Having a Data Backup and Recovery Plan

Do You Have A Data Backup And Recovery Plan

Helping you protect what is important!Electronic data is the lifeblood of any business, and with threats from hackers, accidents, and human errors, a data breach of any kind can pose a serious risk to your day to day operations. But keeping your data safe means having a plan in place in the event of a worst-case scenario. If you’re looking for a way to avert disaster and keep your information secure, here are some of the benefits of having a data backup and recovery plan.

Avoid Disruptions and Keep Your Information Safe

Because of the growing threat cyber-attacks pose to small businesses, a loss of data can mean a serious loss of revenue and a disruption to your business. Because disaster can strike at any time, data backup and recovery plans are designed as preventative measures to keep you up and running. Here are some direct benefits you’ll see when your business implements a data backup and recovery plan:

  • Less Downtime Means You Won’t Take a Hit– Whether it’s a cyber attack or technical failure, data loss can lead to downtime, which disrupts your operations and can lead to loss of revenue. A data backup plan keeps your information safe and gets you up and running quickly.
  • Keep Your Reputation Intact– Downtime is more than just an inconvenience to your business operations, it can lead to unhappy customers and hurt your reputation. A backup and recovery plan will mean little downtime, helping you maintain your reputation and keep your customers happy.
  • Avoid Losing Business to the Competition– The longer your business is out of operation due to lost data, the higher the likelihood customers will look elsewhere for goods and services. Quick recovery of the information you need means you’ll be able to keep serving your customers.
  • They’re Customized to Your Needs– Your data backup and recovery plan begins by identifying high-risk areas in need of attention. Once they’ve been identified, your data is professionally managed with regular tests to make sure your data is safe.

Helping You Protect What is Important

Avoid Losing Business to the Competition!At CMIT Solutions of Cary-Apex, we understand the importance of protecting your data and keeping it safe from ransomware, accidents, and human error. That’s why we provide the best data protection and back up tools to keep your business safe. As a nationwide network of professional IT specialists, we have the skills and expertise to keep your data safe in the event of a disaster. Whether a small law firm, large school district, or construction management firm, we’ll create a custom plan to meet all your IT needs. So contact us today for a consultation on the service that’s right for you.

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