Understanding the Different Roles of IT Management, IT Administration, and IT Managed Services Provider

IT management: The management function determines the strategy that will bring the company closer to achieving its strategic goals.

IT administration: The administrative function is responsible for determining the specific steps that need to be taken to achieve that strategic direction.

IT managed services provider (MSP):  The implementation team.

Those in charge of IT management within a company look at the overall management of the organization to ensure that it lines up with its vision, objectives, and mission. They ensure that the IT strategic direction is in line with the overall business strategy. Through their IT administration, they work with and coordinate with an MSP, such as CMIT Solutions of Cincinnati & NKY, to take the burden of implementation off their shoulders.

Different tasks, different roles

Management is about leadership. The administration is about action, and an IT MSP is about implementation.  It is critically important that those roles are properly defined and work together to ensure that each carries out its respective tasks in its specific roles and stays within its ranks.

Let’s use an example. Management decides that the organization needs to have all services in the cloud.

Management asks the administration to investigate options and to decide which services can be removed and which should remain in-house. The administration consults with the MSP and then presents the options in writing for a final decision. Management approves the decision, and the administration oversees the project after turning it over to the MSP.  Upon completion, the MSP provides the results and the administration informs management.  This should be a seamless process with the heavy lifting being performed by the MSP.


A critical factor for success in the management of IT is responsibility. When those in management and administration do not trust their MSP, there is a disconnect and a glaring problem.  In order to meet strategic objectives, they need to rely on their MSP to understand the goals and implement them in a timely and systematic manner.


Management must manage and provide leadership and strategies, focusing on the big picture. The administration must set up a framework to make sure it gets done.  How do both management and administration achieve success?  By partnering with a responsive and talented MSP that will take the goal or objective and make it a reality with little to no involvement from either.

Is your current MSP taking the burden off of your management and administration teams? Do they proactively make recommendations on future IT infrastructure and methods to reduce risk and liability?  Do their implement your goals in a timely and efficient manner?

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