What Is Cybersecurity (and Why Do Companies Need It)?

What is cybersecurity and why do companies need it

Occurrences of computer network attacks are now as common among large corporations as they are for small businesses. Given this reality, it seems that everyone from chief technology officers down to individual users has concerns about the security of their network. As a proactive measure, they are taking steps to be prepared in case their network becomes the next target of a cyber attack. What is the importance of cybersecurity and why do small businesses need it? Taking these steps is what cybersecurity is all about.

That’s why CMIT Solutions of Cincinnati & NKY offers companies like yours a multi-layered cybersecurity defense that includes the development and use of backup systems, firewall protection, anti-virus products, content filtering, off-site data storage, and security training.

Backup Systems

In the event of a cybersecurity attack or an attempted attack, backup is critical to restoring any lost data. Hybrid backup systems improve accessibility to your data and allow you to keep control over local data by storing what’s most critical to a remote cloud server and non-critical data to local network-attached storage.

Firewall Protection

Firewall protection is your organization’s first line of defense to keep networks and data safe from cybersecurity breaches such as unpermitted network connections and data transmissions, employee access to unsecured networks and websites, and malware and ransomware invasions. Firewall protection also generates warnings when suspicious activity occurs.

Anti-virus Products

Installation and maintenance of anti-virus products automatically scan your PCs and networks for viruses, spyware, and other malicious cybersecurity risks. They also provide immediate notifications of any potential risks, including threats from spam emails.

Content Filtering

The most common threats to cybersecurity come from unsecured websites. Content filtering blocks employee access to inappropriate/adult websites, gaming sites, and illegal or malicious web content. Content filtering can be tailored to fit user needs within your company.

Off-site Data Storage

Because even the various forms of cloud backup have the possibility of being hacked, sometimes low-tech is the way to go. As a second or third level of defense against cyberattacks, off-site storage of data backups to tape or disk can be a reliable option to help ensure the cybersecurity of your small business.

Security Training

CMIT Solutions of Cincinnati & NKY designs and delivers security training to engage your staff in actively protecting your company from cyber-attacks. Through cybersecurity training, they will learn about the tools and technologies used to defend against threats and attacks, how to identify data security risks, understand security regulations and standards, and realize their personal role in cybersecurity.

We can provide your company with a cybersecurity risk assessment to help you estimate your exposure and understand the actions you can take to gain a strategic upper hand against security threats. We also offer specialized assessments for companies operating under HIPAA, DSS PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, or DFARs regulations.

Call CMIT today at 859-594-9169 for a quote on meeting your specific data protection and backup needs. We will help you address your company’s most significant risks, and protect your data in ways that encourage your firm’s future success.

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