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Fast, affordable, reliable internet for businesses in Indianapolis, IN

Is your internet slow?
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Want to have the best telecommunications for your business?

Telecommunications is the lifeline of your company, from phone service, to back-up disaster, to simply connecting your employees to the web, you need a reliable bandwidth provider to help. Let an expert telecom consulting firm make the right choice for you. Get the bandwidth you need at a cost you can afford. We’ll find the optimal solution for your company, no matter how simple or demanding your needs are.

Telecom consultants help you discover your options before you spend one dime.

CMIT Solutions of Indianapolis has access to over 60 different telecommunications providers. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses find the best internet and telecom services. We’re fast, accurate, and want you to have what you need today.

No Hassle, No Bias

Tired of working with sales people intent on selling THEIR product, regardless of what is in the best interest of YOUR company? Say goodbye to pushy Telecom salespeople. Contact us for a no-obligation quote today.


Our patented carrier research technology and seasoned telecom experts will help you through the provider selection process.


Once we help you decide on a provider, we negotiate the contract on your behalf and get you the best service and payment terms.


Our project managers will ensure that your new services are set up properly, on time, and cause minimal disruption in your business.

Don’t wait. Maximize your bandwidth potential.

Who should you choose?

Telecommunications services continue to advance significantly each year. New services don’t necessarily require an investment in new equipment. CMIT Solutions can help you with all of your telecom and internet bandwidth needs, including products that can help your company become more efficient, while reducing costs.

CMIT Solutions of Indianapolis Provides On Going Support as your telecom consulting company

Our support continues beyond the sale. If you have technical issues, you contact us. Once you partner with CMIT Solutions, we will continue to help support you with all your internet and telecom needs, in addition to a number of other managed IT solutions that we can provide to further benefit your company. You receive local support, backed by a nationwide pool of resources and IT experts from across the country.


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“Our line of work is dependent on IT and we can’t have any downtime. CMIT has helped us grow from three employees to 20, and they’ve helped us manage our growth and begin working with remote employees, keeping us all connected.”

Michael Mills, President | Broadwing Aviation

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Telecom Consulting Services

The world of telecommunications is rapidly evolving, thus creating a greater need for telecom consulting. Telecom consultants, such as CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis, can help companies build superior networks and ensure high performance in the areas offixed-mobile convergence, mobile strategy, and wireless strategy.

Telecom Service Audits

CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis can tell you how your company is performing from an IT perspective by providing an audit of your services. We do this offsite so your work can continue running without interruption.

After reviewing each line item on your telecom invoices, CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis will be able to uncover any billing errors, make sure your wireless devices, circuits, and inventory lines match what you’re paying for, address any credits or refunds due to your company from your provider, and recognize over-paying or under-used services.

After performing an audit, CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis will help you understand your existing telecom contracts and discover facts that will help you make better telecom decisions when it comes to your telecom services.

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Telecom RFP –  Request for Proposal

Deciding to renew without a request for proposal or RFP may lead you to pay higher rates than necessary. In the telecommunications services industry, retention pricing is almost always worse than acquisition pricing.

By administering an RFP, CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis makes sure the service providers keep the pricing competitive. In that way, your company won’t pay for unwanted and unnecessary services or become a victim of inflated pricing.

Telecom Contract Negotiation

Once your CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis performs an RFP, they can help you negotiate your next contract.

CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis understands the telecommunication terminology, pricing schedules, tariffs, and service guides. Having an expert who understands the industry is crucial for getting the best telecom services contract.

Project Management

When companies merge with another company, add a new division, or split into two separate companies, telecom services can become confusing. In that case, CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis will take care of the telecom needs of the company.

We can also provide project management in situations when the company is considering a new vendor, building an inventory of circuits and lines, considering moving part of the tech services to the cloud, or developing a system for tracking the company’s devices.

Telecom Technology Review

By performing a technology review, CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis can help you make sense of the latest technology options. We can provide insight into the services and service providers so that you make informed decisions that will benefit your company.

CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis can review your current technology and your immediate and future needs, thus helping you to decide what’s best for your company when it comes to telecom technology.

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Telecom Expense Management

To through the telecommunication industry’s changing rules, prices, and services, CMIT Solutions-Indianapolis will oversee your ongoing expenses.

How Can Telecom Support Help Small Businesses?

No business wants to experience downtime, and all need high-quality and reliable telecom services.

As a small business, you’ll need to get the right communication set-up. You’ll need phone lines, high-speed broadband, an office phone system, and mobile solutions for remote/smart working.

Choosing the right business communication tools for your company, always having an expert at the end of the line and saving money by having all business communications together under one bill, can significantly help your small business.

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Unreliable telecom service creates increased downtimes and a decrease in productivity.

Let the expert telecom consultants at CMIT Solutions of Indianapolis help you make the right choice the 1st time.

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Find out how companies succeed with CMIT Solutions.

Wisconsin non-profit thrives with responsive IT help desk support.

Chicago-area CPA firm grows thanks to trustworthy IT solutions and reliable network management

St. Louis-area medical clinic prevents disaster with proactive IT monitoring and managed IT support

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