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Managed IT Services

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Managed IT Services: A simple answer to complex problems

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More and more companies are moving towards a digital transformation of their operations seeking to improve the efficiency of their processes, reduce costs, and minimize problems, system failures and the consequences that this may bring to their business. However, having the right staff, experience and specialization necessary to manage the entire IT infrastructure, as well as the strategic planning of evolution which includes being prepared for changes, is difficult to achieve and very expensive, especially for small and medium-sized companies. This is where managed it services can step in to make a difference.

To answer and solve these concerns, companies like CMIT Solutions of Northwest Georgia provide Managed IT Services, who organizations can hire in exchange for a fixed subscription amount to carry out an analysis of the IT infrastructure and provide regular monitoring of their operations.

This will allow them not only to face difficulties and solve problems but also to prepare systems for evolution. It is a free demand model where both companies are constantly coordinated and working together to remedy issues. In this case, the provider will deliver a proactive service seeking to minimize current and future problems.

This type of solution involves the management of all aspects of the organization that are related to information management and data processing and includes all layers of systems within the company, from hardware to operating software, applications, databases, storage, servers and technologies for telecommunications such as Internet and telephone.

Otherwise, if the organization’s goal is to address a specific inconvenience or to develop a project from start to finish, it may also require a Professional Services provider, who will offer specific solutions according to the product needs of IT professionals to do their jobs.

When to Hire Managed IT Services?

If you are responsible for managing an organization, you will know when it is time to go to a Managed Services Operations provider. It’s time when you are determined to improve operational efficiency and eliminate certain problems or blocks that are affecting all the staff and you need help, support, and advice to take the necessary measures, as well as reallocate resources and time to move forward and solve all difficulties.

But this kind of service might be required not only when there are problems. The technology itself is expensive and when you invest, you need all the possible knowledge to avoid acquiring something that could quickly become obsolete.

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Furthermore, systems are getting increasingly specialized and complex, requiring expert personnel to manage them, keep them updated and operational and ready to respond to any needs that may arise. Qualified staff is very expensive and sometime unavailable in the market since there is increasing demand.

In these circumstances, counting on a Managed Service Provider (MSP) like CMIT Solutions could bring huge advantages. First, the provider’s results will be directly aligned with your company’s results. In other words, its positive results will have an impact on better results for your business.

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Another benefit is that if you are not an IT expert, your CMIT consultant will be able to take care of this, freeing you to focus on the core areas of your organization. Another advantage is the availability of proactive support which means that in addition to solving the problem, the provider will identify the source that caused it to prevent future system failures.

The provider will carry out strategic IT planning, looking at the future systems that your organization will need at least in the upcoming years, helping and advising on what an IT department should have. Also, it will ensure that the software is updated to minimize risks, viruses, and system crashes. You can also count on professionals within the organization to help you think internally and plan a course.

How to Choose a Managed IT Service Provider?

It is important to select suppliers that offer effective reports to see how much work they are doing and to check if they are generating the required productivity and efficiency improvements. The contracted company must provide strategic planning, project what initiatives will have to be implemented to improve the IT infrastructure within the next 12 to 24 months and keep the software updated.

Also, it must have a good track record that you can check before hiring it, and that the provider can prove with proactive service and measurable results in previous clients. You must make some decisions before the selection, including the identification of potential vendors, the request of an audit over the existing systems, and the determination of the current total cost of IT within the organization.

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CMIT Solutions, a great service provider, will perfectly understand your business and will look for the model that best suits your organization, its needs and challenges. CMIT will also obtain good adaptability and agility to respond promptly when required.

We will bring innovation and cost-effective solutions, as well as a customer orientation and appropriate tools and resources in line with the company culture.

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Flat-Rate Services with CMIT Solutions

Get proactive and preventative management of technologies such as core network, telephony and data applications and equipment.

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Finally, you should look for a company you are comfortable working with and ask yourself questions like: Which are the managed IT Services providers near me? CMIT Solutions of Northwest Georgia offer complete IT services in Acworth, Woodstock, Canton, Cartersville, Calhoun, Jasper, Ellijay, Dawsonville, Dahlonega, Cumming, and Alpharetta of Georgia. The contracted company must satisfy all its requirements. But be careful, you do not have to look only at the cost since IT plays a determining role in your company. Find out different Managed IT Services pricing and make a cost-effective decision, trying to work with someone who delivers a proactive service and, above all, results.

Once contracted, the MSP will carry out different tasks such as daily maintenance through routines that may include updates and tune-ups, virus removal and space management on slow running computer disks. Another feature is troubleshooting, that is, the resolution of problems that appear during the daily activities of all employees and that must be answered at the moment to continue with the work.

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To be equipped to guarantee the security of the systems and avoid external attacks is another function of the MSP. All companies need reliable security, and this is where the provider can install robust systems over the organization’s network. Managed services also involve administration tasks, back-up of all the company’s data, unified communications and onboarding, that is the incorporation of new employees and users into the programs, log-ins, and the installation of software, among others. Finally, the MSP will procure a network monitoring 24 hours a day to ensure response and efficiency. CMIT Solutions of Northwest Georgia excels at all these. We rank among the best in critical areas such as service support, customer satisfaction, market growth, consultant’s certifications and level of innovation.

Managed It Services Modal

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Once hired, both the organization and the provider will sign a contract, which will establish an agreement with detailed responsibilities that both parties will have to fulfill. For example, the provider’s services, the minimum response time, the payment mechanism and liability protection will be included.

The next step will be the development of a Managed Services Model, in which the provider will reflect all the decisions to be made regarding technology according to a predetermined parameter and that will be reviewed by the client. This model will reduce the risk of the organization. In addition, the model will allow obtaining a fixed monthly cost so the client will know exactly what budget needs to assign to the IT area.

Another advantage of working with a model is that the knowledge will remain with the supplier and it will not go with the employees who might change their jobs, keeping all the information safe. Furthermore, the model will free employees from IT issues, so that they can focus on the core business of the organization.

Cloud Managed Services

Cloud Managed Services stands out as one of the most outsourced solutions. It involves daily administration and technical support of cloud-based services, aiming to automate and improve business operations.

IT departments hire Cloud Managed Services when they do not have the skills or resources to correctly monitor and maintain the entire cloud environment of the company. The provider will manage security, computing, storage, network operations, and cloud applications. In some cases, it will also be responsible for performance monitoring, reporting, and testing, backup, and recovery for a fixed amount to be monthly paid.

Hiring a provider to manage cloud services has benefits such as reduced maintenance costs, since having a full-time IT team can be very expensive. In addition, the monthly costs derived from this maintenance will become predictable and controlled.

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Furthermore, a vendor will ensure that the systems are future-proof. The mere fact of having a cloud environment prepares your data center for evolution, and this will be increased if you have specialized technicians that are working in your cloud. In addition, it will provide customized and integrated services that will work with a robust infrastructure with 24/7/365 administration.

The provider will procure a centralized network of services and applications, where everything will be managed from a data center. Finally, it will cover all levels of service and will have your data secure with the guarantee of disaster recovery so that business operations keep working.

Managed Capacity Modal

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The Managed Capacity Model is a process that ensures that the capacity of IT systems meets all the current and future requirements of the organization with costs within the assigned budget. Capacity management encompasses the administration of business, service and component capacity and resources.

IT services are constantly evolving, generating changes in the requirements for processing capacity, memory, etc. Understanding the impact of resource overload will allow you to identify how the demand will change over time and obtain a model to plan and guarantee that business needs are met, eliminating the saturation of systems.

The model allows for proactive capacity management, as well as the optimization of network processes and operations, introducing new technologies and assets.


In addition to an MSP, consider CMIT Solutions an outsourcing service your organization can rely on to operate either onsite or abroad, to handle and administer tasks. This can enable your organization to grow without embarking on high risk or large investment.

CMIT can assume the management of well-defined technological processes or other specific tasks.

The IT functions that are most frequently outsourced by companies that can be handled by CMIT are hosting, application or program development, applications maintenance, telecommunications, infrastructure or IT support. Outsourced IT support can involve a cost-effective solution that meets the digital needs of a business.


Managed IT Services: Complete Coverage

If you want to ensure you are completely covered for any IT needs, now and in the future, Call CMIT Solutions of Northwest Georgia today at 470-239-6337. If you have any questions about our services or you want a professional to help you determine what you company needs to increase your bottom line, reach out to us. We are happy to help.