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CMIT’s Cloud Services: An Overview

Transitioning to the cloud is every organization’s ultimate goal, aspiration, and imperative. However, widespread cloud adoption has its obstacles. Organizations often struggle to demonstrate the actual worth of these transformations or leverage the benefits with their overall objectives. Simply put, cloud technology can lead to limited transparency and dependency on specific vendors when underutilized.

CMIT Solutions helps you overcome the challenges with a result-oriented approach and transform your IT environment. Our world-class cloud services in Roanoke cater to all types of applications, irrespective of whether they are third-party hosted, private, public, or hybrid cloud environments. Our services encompass everything from cloud consulting to data center migration, providing diverse options to meet your needs. Furthermore, we are the one-stop destination for cloud-related tools, applications, and hardware paraphernalia servers, storage, databases, networking, software, and apps, among others.

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Our Cloud Services Approach

We enable your cloud transformation in three comprehensive steps:


Evaluate your use cases, cloud capabilities, and business goals to experiment with various solutions and check their feasibility.


Create, strategize, and execute solutions that align with your intended goals. We offer an in-depth guide outlining the suggested Cloud solution and a set of strategic methodologies overseeing the migration and growth of data center infrastructure.


Introduce operational best practices to identify and capture opportunities to evaluate and reinforce your existing cloud process and decide what works best for you.

Cloud Solutions We Offer

Our cloud-managed services allow organizations to reduce their overheads and improve productivity, lowering costs and reducing time-to-market.

Management Directories

Experience seamless user synchronization and effortlessly synchronize users across various applications and platforms. Our advanced identity management system imports user attributes for consistent access, elevated user experiences, enhanced productivity, and streamlined operations.

Infrastructure as a Service

You need a robust IaaS platform to host your SaaS applications. We provide the necessary on-site setups, thus eliminating the need for on-site installations, providing a comprehensive data center solution, and conserving resources and effort.

File Sharing

Enable your user to effortlessly access, edit, and share files on any device. Our optimized cloud-file-sharing service works conveniently from any location and enables enhanced collaboration.

Cloud Readiness

Embrace the cloud with our Cloud Readiness and Migration Services. We will help you develop and implement the perfect migration strategy for your business. Our goal is to simplify the process of moving to the cloud, with our expert assessment, effortless workload migration capabilities, secure, and scalable cloud environments.

Why We’re the Best in Roanoke Valley

CMIT is the top choice for cloud services in Christiansburg, Blacksburg, and the broader Roanoke area. We offer solutions that align with your budget and the evolving needs of your company.  We are the best for cloud services because of these attributes:

Private Cloud Services

We offer an ultimate blend of cloud efficiency, infrastructure performance, compliance, and security tailored for your organization. Our unrivaled combination of dedicated on-premise resources and seamless integration with public cloud workloads provides a unified and consistent approach across the entire cloud landscape.

Public Cloud Services

We offer one of the best public cloud services and integrated support from initial planning to continuous management. All our public cloud services are based on industry best practices and tailored to fit with the cloud adoption and management frameworks of each hyperscale. Our proven, standardized, and repeatable services enable you to effortlessly achieve success in the Cloud.

Result-oriented Strategies

Maximize your organizational success with our clear and captivating strategic vision. Steer your organization towards alignment and ensure that common mistakes are kept at bay.

Adaptable Services

Agility and responsiveness are vital to surviving the evolving cloud landscape. We help you achieve these aspects and fortify your decision-making process to optimize your ROI.

Conquer the Cloud Ace Your Agility

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