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CMIT’s Data Protection & Data Backup Solutions

Are you doing everything in your power to salvage lost data? Data is the lifeblood of every organization, and losing it to natural disasters, theft, or cybercrime can cripple you in unimaginable ways. This is why data retrieval becomes crucial to maintaining uninterrupted business operations, preserving your client base, and upholding your hard-earned reputation.

CMIT’s data protection and backup is one service you should never hesitate to invest in if you are serious about safeguarding your data. We bring to the table our computer and data expertise, complex drive backup knowledge, and system recovery proficiency.

We utilize an innovative system that securely copies and saves all your domain and server data on a distinct off-site server, ensuring prompt data retrieval at all times, whether you’re in Christiansburg, Blacksburg, or the Roanoke Valley.

Our robust backup and data management solutions ensure the security and integrity of your data throughout its entire lifespan – because it’s your digital life and your business is paramount.

Our Data Backup Approach

Our data protection and disaster recovery services encompass a three-step approach, which are:


We conduct meticulous assessments to ascertain your organization’s requirements for data recovery, analyze the potential risks associated with data unavailability, and pinpoint the vulnerabilities for data loss.


We establish a robust data retrieval framework by leveraging our tools, experience, and resources to design and implement real-time backups to reduce potential data loss and the ensuing risks.


We formulate a robust data protection strategy after rigorous testing to ensure our solutions are glitch-free regarding data retrieval. Our primary goal is to stabilize, streamline, and optimize your business processes for superior performance.

Data Backup Services We Offer

In a world of intricate systems and vendor dependency, CMIT offers simplicity with exceptional performance at the most affordable price in and around Roanoke Valley, Christiansburg, and Blacksburg.

Cloud File Backup

Cloud File Backup

Protect your important data with our cloud storage solutions to prevent offsite redundancy. Leverage our seamless integration with on-premise appliances to ensure business continuity and disaster recovery, no matter where you are. Utilize our state-of-the-art data centers to enable rapid file recovery for end users who may accidentally delete files or folders.

On-Site Disaster Recovery

On-Site Disaster Recovery

We deploy a hybrid cloud approach with a clever combination of onsite backup and offsite DRaaS recovery in any data loss scenario. Plus, you get 30-60 days of local retention and quick data recovery at the speed of your Local Area Network. Our real-time offsite mirroring provides fault tolerance and immediate access to retained backups.

Backup Testing

Backup Testing

Proactive testing and verifying of our data recovery services fortify our ability to recover data with extreme rapidity and minimize operational disruptions and downtime. To ensure the utmost effectiveness of your backup and recovery processes, it is crucial to regularly conduct disaster recovery testing. Our topmost priority is to provide an unequivocal assurance of successful data restoration in case of any unfortunate disasters.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery

Choose our comprehensive Backup and Recovery strategies, and let our team take care of all your data protection needs. Our fully managed solution ensures secure data backups and uninterrupted availability for restoration. Take advantage of our services not only for your data but also to safeguard your email, systems, and more.

What We Are The Best in Roanoke Valley

Here are some of the many reasons why businesses in and around Roanoke Valley, Christiansburg, and Blacksburg prefer our data protection and backup solutions:

Top-Notch Team

Our data recovery and backup team is simply the best in terms of knowledge, specialized skills, and ability to implement industry best practices for your business requirements. Trust our team to stay updated on cutting-edge data protection technologies, guaranteeing efficient backup and timely recovery of your data.

Prior Planning

Waiting until trouble strikes is not our style. Rather, we stay ahead of the game and protect your success with our comprehensive planning prowess that anticipates and tackles any unexpected problems that may arise. With our forward-thinking approach, you can rest assured that your operations will continue seamlessly without any disruptions.

Business Protection

With our cutting-edge security measures, CMIT provides top-notch protection for your business, ensuring that your valuable data, networks, and systems stay safe from daunting cyber threats. Trust our team of experts to tirelessly safeguard your assets, allowing you to fully concentrate on your crucial business endeavors.

Swiftest Recovery

We minimize any potential downtime by swiftly recovering lost data and network functionality. With our data backup service, you can ensure a prompt recovery process that prioritizes your needs. Don’t waste time – let us prioritize and streamline your quick recovery process.

Be Data-Ready

Are you prepared to safeguard your business data? Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of a cloud-first solution ready for you.

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