Data Compliance Services
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Data Compliance Services

Organizations today are brimming with priceless and sensitive information, and protecting this data is serious business. Data compliance and protection are crucial to protecting your customers, keeping your company’s reputation, and keeping hackers off your network. In short, data compliance is a mandatory organizational responsibility, albeit a highly intricate one.

CMIT Solutions offers proven and result-oriented data compliance services in Roanoke Valley, Christiansburg, and Blacksburg, Virginia to untangle your compliance complexities and draft picture-perfect solutions that keep you on the safe side of the law.

Our compliance processes encompass all major regulatory standards, including HIPAA and NIST. Our expertise lies in assisting your business to establish, uphold, and verify the policies and procedures required to ensure security and compliance.

You can trust our all-encompassing IT compliance services suite to guarantee alignment of your formal policies and technical controls with the mandated legal requirements while also rectifying any issues we uncover.

Our Compliance Services Approach

Here’s our three-fold approach to IT Compliance:

Compliance Audit

Comprehensive assessment through interviews and network audit to evaluate data access and usage. A thorough examination helps identify the essential components that need to be in place for compliance to be achieved.


Formulating and implementing a comprehensive remediation strategy that outlines prioritized action steps toward achieving compliance.


Continuous evaluation to deliver the necessary service and support to ensure compliance in all stages

CMIT’s Compliance Services in Roanoke

Non-compliance is unthinkable in an organizational scenario. Our watertight compliance services extend to Christiansburg, Blacksburg, and the Roanoke Valley, encompassing:



HIPAA compliance is mandatory for all organizations handling Protected Health Information or PHI, such as Business Associates in the supply chain. Trust our HIPAA experts to safeguard your practice from any liabilities. We help you steer clear of penalties, expensive audits, and legal charges.



Our methods for NIST compliance are built on the best cybersecurity practices. NIST has some of the most rigorous security benchmarks. With our services, you can rest assured that your systems meet and excel in adhering to these benchmarks. This framework is essential for federal agencies and vendors requiring top-notch security measures.

Why We Excel in Data Compliance

CMIT has proven to be the go-to firm for data compliance and efficiency, which helps you stay ahead of the curve.

Proactive Security

One-on-one team collaboration to propel you toward your compliance goals with a budget-friendly plan that prioritizes industry standards, data security, and regulatory requirements.

Customized Solutions

Tailored compliance solutions that fit diverse business models, fuel growth, and enable seamless adaption to evolving compliance demands. Our solutions are meticulously optimized to deliver top-notch performance and seamlessly interface with various software platforms and applications.

Easy Adaptation

Regulatory requirements are constantly evolving along with the business landscape. We help you stay current in and consistent with the most recent version of relevant standards.

Regulatory Awareness

Increasing awareness of your legal obligations related to mobile device usage, customer data storage, and cloud applications. We will prepare your team to recognize the value of your information and understand the diverse risks to its integrity and confidentiality.

Stay Compliant For a Secure Future

Ensure your business stays compliant, avoids penalties, and increases resilience with the help of CMIT’s expert compliance services in Roanoke Valley.

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