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Network Management: An Overview

Is your network capable of efficiently handling your digital workflows? Does it ensure a glitch-free, secure, and seamless experience? If your answers are not affirmative, it’s time to revisit and reinforce your network with CMIT’s network management services.

Operating from Roanoke, CMIT Solutions offers a wide array of network management tools, techniques, maintenance guidance, network monitoring, and status reporting for businesses in Christiansburg, Blacksburg, and the Roanoke Valley, Virginia.

Our team of IT specialists will serve as your dedicated network systems administrator. We are committed to delivering exceptional solutions that will significantly increase communication speeds, boost productivity, minimize disruptions, and maximize overall performance.

Our Network Management Services

No business can survive without a robust network infrastructure. That is why we emphasize network reliability, efficiency, and performance, surpassing anyone else’s understanding. Our three-step approach includes:


Meticulous mapping and assessment of your existing network infrastructure and the dynamics to identify potential areas for enhancement.


Extensive network calibration with the latest tools and methodologies to optimize your network performance, output, and reliability.


Vital guidance based on regular briefings on a monthly or quarterly basis to ensure your network remains resilient, flexible, and well-prepared for the future.

Network Management Services We Offer

The network of your business is the essential foundation that ensures its success. It must be incredibly strong and reliable, effectively managing critical data, video, and voice communications. Our services cover it all. We offer:

Internet Services

Selecting the fastest, dedicated bandwidth to support your global operations has gotten much easier with CMIT Solutions. No matter how simple or demanding your internet requirements are, we will find an ideal solution at a fair price, offering a range of internet service providers.

Firewall Management

Leverage our specialized firewall solutions and tap into the knowledge and experience of seasoned security professionals, all without the burden and costs of maintaining an in-house team. Enhance your security measures and bridge any vulnerabilities with CMIT’s top-notch Firewall Management services.

Wi-Fi Management

We know your communication and financial channels rely on your Wi-Fi. Experience the incredible potential of unwavering, rock-solid wireless connections with our cutting-edge Wi-Fi Management. We optimize and safeguard your Wi-Fi networks to guarantee unwavering and top-quality connection to enable seamless collaboration and unprecedented productivity and success.

Network Design

We specialize in creating bespoke networks aligned with your unique requirements. We make this possible by carefully evaluating, designing, and implementing a curated network infrastructure to guarantee unrivaled dependability, lightning-fast speed, and unparalleled scalability for your business.

Remote Access (VPN)

Merge your multiple branches, cloud infrastructures, remotely placed teams, and data centers with our high-powered Virtual Private Network. Our services extend beyond providing continuous monitoring of device health and security patches. We also ensure swift implementation of adjustments or reconfigurations, guaranteeing an uninterrupted and reliable network for your organization.

Advanced Technologies

Using our expertise with the latest technologies and automated tools, we meticulously analyze your business network to identify and troubleshoot pitfalls, streamline the documentation processes, and spruce your network capabilities to handle your growth.

What Makes Us the Best in Roanoke

Pragmatic Solutions

We believe in practical, feasible, and sustainable solutions that give you maximum results and help us identify issues before they snowball into major hurdles.

Evaluative Approach

We employ a detailed assessment-driven approach to develop the blueprint and strategy for constructing the software-defined network to drive your business toward success.

Optimized Operations

Our services offer valuable insights into the overall performance of your network, enabling network professionals to identify and implement optimizations that can streamline your company’s operations.

Scalable Solutions

We want you to scale unimaginable heights. Hence, we maximize your network capabilities to meet your expanding requirements by leveraging our top-notch network implementation support. We put at your disposal our seasoned computer network consultants to enhance the synergy between your network and computer systems, revolutionizing their efficiency.

We Keep Your Network Alive & Thriving

Ensure seamless connectivity for your team with advanced IT network support and management solutions from CMIT, Roanoke Valley.

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