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We accelerate Digitalization with our cloud services for businesses in Tempe and Chandler, AZ.

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Cloud Solutions & Services

Are you equipped to meet the demands of your customers and colleagues for quick, intelligent, and uninterrupted digital experiences? If not, it’s time you invested in our cloud services.

Cloud services promise a lot: instantaneous access, unlimited connectivity, the option to pay as you grow, and the illusion of simplicity. However easy as it seems, choosing the proper infrastructure for your business can be daunting for the uninitiated. At CMIT Solutions, we provide a next-generation cloud service model for your business so you can effortlessly transition to the cloud and reap the benefits of digitization.

With our cloud solutions, enterprises do not need additional setups for servers, networks, or any other physical infrastructure to support their projects. Traditional systems are no longer effective, and moving to CMIT Solutions’ cloud service will let you unleash more choices to manage and store your business data and workload models.

Are you yet to embark on your cloud journey? Are you halfway through it? Wherever you are in your cloud journey, it makes no difference to us. We can prioritize your applications and system to precisely align your outputs with your business specifications and objectives.

So, waste no time. Turn your cloud vision into reality with CMIT’s cloud solutions.

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Our Cloud Service Strategies


Keeping the cost, performance, and redundancy in mind, we work towards framing a stable digital cloud strategy to fulfill all your business requirements and goals. We design a cloud solution that perfectly aligns with your business objectives.


Experts at provisioning the perfect cloud environment, we also help you migrate and secure your data on the cloud. We will develop a clear strategy to overcome migration challenges and make it flexible and accessible.


We also help review your cloud consumption by providing a detailed analysis of your emerging operational issues. We help you in creating business value with the cloud.

Our Cloud Services

Achieve unprecedented success by embracing the extraordinary potential of CMIT’s cloud-managed services and cutting-edge multi-cloud solutions. We offer

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Access Management

Synchronize your diverse range of users by harnessing the power of identity management. We seamlessly import user attributes, guaranteeing smooth access and enhancing user experiences across all platforms.


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IaaS Solutions

Our Information as a Solution provides the critical infrastructure to effectively manage your SaaS applications. Our comprehensive data center framework is designed to replace resource-intensive, on-site installations, making it unnecessary for organizations to have them.

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Cloud File Sharing

Our cloud services revolutionize and elevate user experiences by enabling individuals to access, modify, and distribute files across any device from anywhere.


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Preparedness & Migration

Understanding what works can be a challenging endeavor. It demands extensive time and resources to establish a robust infrastructure for cloud services to fulfill scalability, security, governance, networking, and identity. That’s where CMIT’s cloud solutions help you. With us, you navigate the intricacies of planning and determining the applications to migrate to the cloud and the ones to retain on-premises.

Why We Excel in Our Cloud Services

Our cloud solutions are perfectly tailored to your IT environment and based on a user-friendly, flexible, and cost-effective approach to put you ahead of the curve. Here’s why we are the best in what we do:

Skilled Team

Complete access to a certified team of consultants who evaluate your cloud readiness. We deliver unbiased and accurate reports highlighting potential concerns, recognizing risks, and suggesting proactive solutions.

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Winning Strategies

Strategic approach to overcome typical and unexpected challenges while adopting cloud technology. We achieve this by constructing feasible and result-oriented solutions that deliver sustainable success.

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Multi-cloud Management

Simplified maintenance of costs and reinforcement of cloud security to boost your cloud resilience. We ensure you are well-equipped to effectively balance innovation and cloud governance at all times.

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Sustained Scalability

Unrestricted access to our most valuable feature – our cloud infrastructure, which scales as per your fluctuating workloads. By doing so, we consistently offer a minimum service level to keep you technologically sharp.

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Migrate to the Cloud With CMIT

Our cloud solutions and services ensure an effortless transition to the cloud every single time.

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