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Data Backup, Recovery & Protection

Data loss has severe repercussions in the fast-paced world of data-driven business world. It can result in significant reputational and financial loss. Data breaches, human errors, natural calamities, cyber attacks, and hardware failures are just some of the threats that can result data loss.

Too often, small businesses are becoming potential victims of cyber threats with increasing hacking attacks worldwide. Phishing, malware, and malicious software attacks have grown much more sophisticated as digitalization evolved. These attacks can be prevented only if the enterprises have strong technological defenses, efficient cloud hosting services, and cloud backup solutions.

CMIT in Tempe has a strict and uncompromising approach when it comes to safeguarding your valuable business data. Our team has unique strategies to maintain data backup for swift restoration during data loss. Our Cybersecurity support services and data backup team is always committed to handling threats efficiently. Secure your data with our efficient backup solutions.

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Our Data Backup Strategies

Organizations should always prioritize data protection, ensuring it remains immune to cyber attacks and human error. We understand the importance of data backup better than anyone else, as evident in how we secure and recover your data when the unexpected happens. Our strategy encompasses the following measures:


As we start planning, we ask the right questions to identify your organization’s needs regarding the data recovery process. What happens if data isn’t available? What parts of your business are most vulnerable to risk? With a clear understanding of the data recovery requirements, CMIT Solutions, Tempe, will get prepared and help you recover from threats at any point.


Once the criticality has been defined, our disaster recovery services team will develop a structured framework for the implementation process. With just the right tools and leveraging the proper hardware and software resources, being expert IT infrastructure providers in Tempe, we facilitate real-time data backups to reduce data loss and other risks.


Using actionable data insights, we actively perform separate tests for a professionally managed data restoration and backup. We develop an adequate data protection strategy to monitor the glitches and problems with backup solutions. The main aim of data backup management through testing is to ensure your business process is stable and consistent for better performance.

Our Data Backup Services

Leverage our unmatched data protection and backup solutions to ensure business continuity despite unseen calamities. We offer:

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Cloud File Backup

Troubled about end-users or remote employees accidentally deleting invaluable files? Worry no more. We deploy robust offsite and on-premise backup and disaster recovery cloud solutions that work from any location across the globe. Thus, your critical data is always recoverable to ensure workflow continuity.

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Onsite Disaster Recovery

Our hybrid cloud strategies give you the best of both worlds: a reliable onsite backup solution and an offsite Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) for utmost security. Our on-premise servers retain up to 30-60 days of files and folders that can be recovered at LAN speed. Simultaneously, our on-prem servers are automatically mirrored offsite to increase resources for DR scenarios and provide immediate access to retained backups stored locally.

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Backup Testing

We fully comprehend the significance of verifying the integrity of your recovery and backup procedures. Our Data Recovery and Backup services offer comprehensive disaster recovery testing to assure the successful restoration of your data in case of a calamity, ensuring minimal interruption.

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Our fully managed disaster recovery services relieve you from the burden of data protection as our expert team provides the virtual safety net to safeguard your data, email systems, and other valuable assets. Rest assured, our team’s expertise in data security will protect your valuable data with top-notch backup and recovery strategies.

Why We Excel in Our Services

Having a backup plan that meets your specific needs and suits your financial resources is essential. And that is precisely what we specialize in: Delivering a backup plan tailored to your requirements and aligning with your budget. Our specializations include:

Agile Solutions

Our long-standing expertise enables us to cater to any business environment- onsite infrastructure, cloud-based landscape, hybrid, or offsite premise setup. We tailor a backup and restoration solution to match your data protection objectives, financial plan, regulatory obligations, and recovery time goals.

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Certified Team

Our team is widely reputed for their extensive experience, specialized skills, and data-related expertise. Our long list of clientele in Tempe and Chandler, AZ, is a testament to our proficiency in implementing the best industry practices, latest tech solutions, and reliable customer support for data recovery and backup.

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Extensive Network

Your CMIT Solutions team is part of a North American-wide support network. Over 160 locations and more than 700 technicians are available to constantly support your small business network security effectively. If you have multiple geographic locations or key team members tend to travel, we can effortlessly coordinate support to any site, and every member of the CMIT Solutions extended community uses uniform business practices.

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Rapid Recovery

Minimum downtime and disruption, uninterrupted accessibility, and rapid recovery are our prime objectives. Our goal is to assist you in developing a comprehensive strategy that guarantees the safety, accessibility, and quick recovery of your data. With our services, you can have peace of mind and dedicate your energy to excelling at what you do best.

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Guarding Your Jewels – Your Data

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