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IT Procurement Services in Tempe, Chandler

CMIT Solutions: Making all IT purchases smarter and easier for businesses in Tempe and Chandler, AZ.

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CMIT- Tempe’s Trusted IT Procurement Services Company

At CMIT, we recognize that successful IT initiatives hinge upon meticulous research, precise sourcing, and seamless installation of suitable equipment, hardware, and software. However, navigating this landscape without a proficient procurement team can potentially impede desired performance and outcomes. Our specialized IT procurement services are designed to alleviate this challenge, enabling your team to swiftly embark on their objectives.

At the core of CMIT’s IT procurement approach lies the art of carefully selecting optimal technology that aligns seamlessly with your overarching business strategy. More than just finding a cost-effective option for your IT purchase, it’s also essential to look for a strong vendor relationship, long-term success, and high-quality purchase that adds value to your costs. Make your right choice for your technologies and IT purchases. Let us simplify IT for you.

We are experts in providing unmatched support services both during and after procurement. We will keep a constant watch on how the new equipment integrates with the existing applications and support your business workflows. We also offer flexible pricing options and support and have a strong relationship with Dell, Barracuda, Lexmark, Microsoft, and other telecommunications providers.

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IT Procurement Approach We Follow

Acquiring the correct IT software, licenses, and hardware can often prove to be a highly stressful endeavor, especially when complications arise. What sets us apart is our commitment to offering customers a distinctively vendor-neutral and transparent approach to IT procurement.


Harness the power of our industry expertise to get useful insights into the types of hardware to purchase, financial considerations, etc., and make the best choices out of our consultation to stay relevant in the digital procurement market.


We will choose the correct devices depending on your users’ needs and, get them installed and make sure they’re running all the time smoothly.


As the organizational approach of a business keeps changing, we will integrate all your procurement functions, track purchases, control, and also maintain your systems under warranty to create an adapting environment for all your business’s future needs and requirements.

IT Procurement Services We Offer

Whether you’re in the process of constructing a new system or contemplating the integration of upgrades into your network, CMIT, Tempe, is here to assist you every step of the way. Entrusting CMIT for IT procurement translates to valuable time and cost savings, not only during the procurement phase but also throughout the entire technology installation journey.

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Network Provisioning

Enhance your hardware and software investments with a streamlined network design, meticulously crafted using high-quality components and installed by our expert network engineers. This approach guarantees a high-speed data and communication network, setting the foundation for your organization to excel. A well-documented cabling plan not only reduces downtime costs but also enables swift identification and resolution of any future issues.

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At CMIT, we establish direct partnerships with reputable hardware manufacturers, resulting in substantial cost savings for our clients. Leveraging these relationships allows us to secure discounted pricing, which we pass on to you, maximizing the value of your investment. Our added value comes from thorough equipment testing and pre-configuration, reducing on-site installation time and ensuring a seamless process. By simplifying maintenance, replacement, and IT procurement, we empower your organization to adapt, scale, and evolve efficiently.

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Software Licensing

In today’s competitive landscape, businesses grapple with the task of modernization, productivity enhancement, and maintaining a leading edge. Our role is to support your IT team in making informed decisions about software and cloud investments that align with your business objectives, fostering efficiency and resilience. Additionally, we provide assistance in managing your license agreements, ensuring comprehensive coverage for the software vital to your business operations.

What Makes Us Unique

Our robust IT procurement capabilities seamlessly cater to your organization’s technology requirements. We encompass the entire spectrum — from the initial purchase to smooth implementation, efficient management, and ongoing support.

Top-of-the-line Support

As a part of the North American network, CMIT Solutions can also offer best-in-class support with more than 700 technician experts to support your business. For enterprises having multiple location presence or when any critical resource is traveling, we’re with you, extending our support using the same business practices, management tools, and ticket tracking systems.

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Saves Time

Is your IT staff stretched thin with numerous responsibilities, making it challenging to dedicate time to resource acquisition, research, and seamless implementation of necessary technological solutions? By enlisting procurement professionals, you enable your IT team to focus on core objectives, meet critical deadlines, and even surpass project Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

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Leverages Expertise

Selecting the most appropriate products for various IT initiatives involves an extensive and often prolonged process, encompassing multiple assessment rounds, budget evaluations, and configuration intricacies. CMIT streamlines this process by leveraging expertise to identify and choose hardware, software, and equipment that aligns seamlessly with your project requirements, expediting the decision-making timeline.

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Utilize Economies of Scale

At CMIT, we maintain a vendor-neutral approach while wielding significant purchasing power, allowing us to acquire hardware and software from a wide array of industry-leading vendors. This positions us to leverage economies of scale and tap into our robust vendor relationships to procure hardware and software swiftly.

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IT Procurement Has Never Been This Easy

With us by your side, you can rest assured that your procurement are efficient and cost-effective.

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