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How can an IT services company help my business?

From customer and employee information to monetary transactions, a large portion of nearly all modern businesses exist in a digital environment. While technology has improved many aspects of daily operations and commerce, it has also created new opportunities for criminals to damage property and extort unsuspecting users. Ransomware is one of the most destructive and prevalent forms of cyber-attacks facing individuals, businesses, municipalities and anyone else who relies on data right here in Boston and around the world. As the name suggests, ransomware takes files hostage until a ransom is paid. The price is often tens of thousands of dollars. When local legal, healthcare, engineering, finance, insurance, non-profit, real estate and other businesses need a ransomware protection company in Boston they trust our team at CMIT Solutions in Boston, Newton and Waltham to implement the long-term practices they need to help prevent ransomware attacks.

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What kind of cyber threats do smaller businesses face?

As more and more commerce is conducted online, criminals are taking to the web. Hackers are targeting small to medium sized businesses with viruses, malware and most recently, ransomware at an alarming rate. As implied by its name, ransomware takes an entities data and holds it hostage until a ransom is paid. The price is generally tens of thousands of dollars. According to a recent 60 Minutes special on the topic, “26% of cities and counties say they fend off an attack on their network every hour.” In the same program, it is stated that according to FBI’s Mike Chrisman, “In 2017, 1,700 successful ransomware attacks were reported.” Right here in Massachusetts, the Leominster school district was hit with a $10,000 attack in 2018 – and they paid. The financial burden of this attack could have been avoided had the school system properly backed up their files. At CMIT Solutions serving Boston, Newton and Waltham, our ability to thwart cyber-attacks with firewalls, employee training and regular monitoring as well as prepare for the damage they cause with viable data hosting, backup and recovery solutions has made us the first choice for an IT services company in Boston.

If your business’ IT department is understaffed or non-existent, even the simplest projects like purchasing and installing new equipment can become as inefficient and drawn out as the Big Dig. Even though you don’t have to worry about the ceiling collapsing, a mismanaged network is sure to back up digital traffic, expose leaks and could eventually hit you in the head with a hefty ransomware demand or repair bill. At CMIT Solutions Boston, Newton and Waltham, we can help you build a rock-solid system from the ground up and give it the 24/7 attention it needs to stay secure and efficient.