Managed IT for Engineering Firms in Greater Boston

CMIT Solutions provides a variety of managed IT services to businesses across the Boston area, including engineering firms. The contributions of engineers to society are extensive, and we want to help make the work lives of your employees a little less stressful while reinforcing the value you provide to clients. Our IT services significantly benefit engineering firms in and around Boston and even nationwide.

When would an engineering firm need managed IT services?

Chances are you can recall a moment when you were working hard on a project via the computer, and suddenly it’s gone. All your work disappears, panic sets in, and you have no idea what to do, especially if a deadline is looming and people are counting on you. CMIT Solutions steps in when you have IT problems while also working hard to prevent them from even occurring for your team and clients.

Engineers do extensive research, planning, conceptualizing, and designing, much of which takes place on a computer. This information needs to be protected so it stays safe from others who want to obtain such details, potentially even the personal information of the company’s clients or employees. We offer safeguarding against these situations in addition to backup and recovery solutions, allowing us to obtain seemingly missing data in the event of a crisis. Peace of mind can be an incredible thing when it comes to working efficiently in the field of engineering.

How CMIT Solutions can Benefit Engineering Firms

Engineering is a challenging and stressful industry. CMIT Solutions has several ways that we can help simplify your daily operations and benefit your company, including the following. 

Streamline Operations and Improve Efficiency

Some employees may consider steps in the engineering process easier than others, but generally speaking, it’s an incredibly complex industry. Having an IT system that works better than expected can help streamline operations while also improving the ways employees can do their jobs, ultimately providing greater value to your clients. 


Many criminals will risk it all to get their hands on the personal data of engineering companies, and we take our job to stop them seriously. Large, small, and every size firm in between is at risk. CMIT Solutions prides itself on our cybersecurity skills, putting protective measures in place that keep out individuals who shouldn’t have access to the system. 

Around-the-Clock IT Support

Although many engineers work around 40 hours per week, that’s not always a given, especially if a project is running behind. This means there may be an issue late into the night or during the busiest part of your work day. Regardless of when your firm needs us, our 24/7 IT support experts have your back.

IT Services Offered by CMIT Solutions

Engineers make everyone’s lives better through their work, and CMIT Solutions wants to do something similar in return. We offer a variety of IT services that can help make it easier for you and your employees to do your jobs with as little disruption as possible. Some of the many options we offer include cloud services, guidance about hardware and software, compliance services, data backup, and help with revamping your IT system.

Our Nationwide Managed IT Network

Our Newton, Massachusetts, location isn’t the only place you can find CMIT Solutions. We’re supported by over 250 coast-to-coast locations, so whether you have one facility in Boston or you do business in different states, we can provide assistance and nationwide resources to your engineering firm.

Count on CMIT Solutions

Our experts have worked with firms employing mechanical engineers, civil engineers, and various types in between, granting us extensive experience in the industry and knowledge about how to best serve its employees. We’re aware of the challenges engineers face and what firms require to do their jobs properly. From our years of experience to our reputation for customer satisfaction, our high level of service can elevate your engineering firm.

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Consider managed IT services a way to upgrade your business while helping your employees and clients in Boston and beyond. Contact CMIT Solutions today, and let’s chat about the many ways our company can help your engineering firm get its IT system in top-notch condition.

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