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What is managed IT?

Running a business in the Newton area is complicated enough without disruptions in continuity due to improperly functioning technology. At CMIT Solutions, our team can handle your IT so your team can get down to business. We provide effective managed IT services in Newton and throughout greater Boston to companies and individuals in a diverse set of industries, including financial, academic, medical, and many others.  Our broad perspective allows us to work with you to create the ideal managed IT solution for your unique business, comprised of software and equipment procurement and deployment, network enhancement, regular monitoring, and robust cybersecurity provisions.

Develop a Strategy

Our managed IT services in Newton evaluate cybersecurity threats and use this data to establish optimal security processes, keeping your data safe and guarded against potential cyberattacks. Assessing each business’s critical assets and identifying security vulnerabilities allows our expert IT team to establish a multiphase roadmap to address any immediate concerns.

Cloud-Based Solutions

CMIT Solutions can leverage cloud-based technologies to facilitate disaster recovery and business continuity. Our managed IT services for local businesses include cloud backup solutions that make data accessible even in the event of physical damage to on-premises infrastructure.

Our cybersecurity services proactively monitor and manage cloud-based resources to ensure they’re always available and perform optimally. This includes automated alerts and notifications to alert your company and our team of issues or potential vulnerabilities.


Combining local and national resources allows us to provide scalable IT services by helping businesses start with localized solutions before expanding or adapting their IT infrastructure as they grow. A local presence in Newton allows us to provide quick and efficient on-site support for urgent IT issues that may disrupt business operations, helping your team maintain productivity.

Is managed IT right for my business?

With the proliferation of consumer technology like smartphones and automatic speech recognition devices, more than ever, today’s economy operates in real-time 24/7. With managed IT services in Newton from our team at CMIT Solutions, you can be confident that your office will be open for business and fully operational so that you capture every sale, customer, client, or project that comes your way. Of course, information systems are also essential for employee productivity. We’ll make sure your internet is up to speed, software is fully optimized and hardware is operating at peak performance so you can avoid costly downtime.

As a provider of managed IT services in Newton, and with our offices in Newton, we understand the IT issues local businesses face and the most cost-effective and efficient ways to address them. Our familiarity with local ISPs (Internet Service Providers) affords invaluable insight as to the most efficient and economical solution for your operation. Proximity to our clients in Newton and the surrounding area allows us to respond to emergencies and make routine visits faster than other companies that offer managed IT services in Newton but are based elsewhere.

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