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CMIT can safely help you during these times, and keep your people and systems working together in new great ways. Please contact us at (617) 657-1075 to learn more. We’d be happy to help you any way we can. Stay safe. – Scott Krentzman, CMIT President

What Is Managed IT?

Technology has become so ingrained in our daily lives, it can be easy to take the software and equipment you use to keep your business running smoothly for granted – until it stops working properly or crashes. At CMIT Solutions, we provide custom managed IT services in Waltham, and throughout Greater Boston, that keeps your equipment functioning correctly so you can focus on operating your business. We work with you to learn about your business and design a custom managed IT solution that reflects your unique needs. Our multifaceted approach encompasses software and equipment procurement and deployment, network enhancement, regular monitoring and cyber security provisions. With our team of IT experts on your side, you can count on your technology to ‘just work’ so you can too.

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As members of the Waltham area business community, we understand the specific challenges our peers face at the intersection of technology and commerce. This depth of regional experience combined with technical know-how allows us to find the most viable IT solutions for your business. Our relationships with local vendors like Internet Service Providers (ISP) and equipment suppliers ensure you get the best performance and value out of your technology. Proximity of our office to our clients in the Waltham area translates to fast response for emergencies as well as routine visits. We can also perform maintenance and more immediately with our secure remote digital access systems.

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Is managed IT right for my business?

Your computers, network, smart phones, printers and other digital equipment is essential for daily operating tasks as well as customer and client transactions. As your provider of managed IT services in Waltham, our team will make sure your technology is operating at peak performance to increase staff productivity and business continuity, protect sensitive data as well as heighten customer experience. Properly maintained information systems also help ensure that your business avoids costly lawsuits and fines from regulatory groups. Our IT consultants in Waltham will make sure your data is secure from unauthorized access and in compliance with HIPAA, DSS PCI, Sarbanes Oxley, DFARs and other regulations.