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Cloud Ease-of-Use with Security

Our cloud services are built on business-specific experience and cybersecurity expertise
to bring you the benefits of the cloud without added risk or complexity.

Security is our #1 priority

We’re focused on ensuring the convenience the cloud offers doesn’t come at the expense of security. As businesses make the shift to the cloud, they face new cybersecurity challenges. That’s why security is at the core of every decision we make at CMIT Solutions. We stay informed of continuously emerging threats to provide IT solutions with proactive defenses that optimize productivity while keeping your business secure.

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Simplifying the process of cloud computing

CMIT Solutions breaks information down into digestible chunks. Think of the cloud as a virtual set of servers located off-site where you can host and store your company’s documents and data while giving your employees easy access to business-critical applications. The cloud enables reliable accessibility for day-to-day work no matter where it’s done—your users just need an Internet connection and a secure login.

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In-depth analysis of your business needs

CMIT Solutions works with clients to pinpoint their specific goals and business objectives before moving to the cloud. The most common include improving document access and collaboration, optimizing remote or hybrid work, and reducing overall hardware costs.

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Partnering with the best

Cloud platforms from major providers like Microsoft and Amazon make regular improvements to their data protection, document security, and remote access protocols. As cyberthreats become more common, web-based platforms ramp up their defenses, leaving on-premises systems more vulnerable to attacks.

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Cloud Migration Made Simple

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Cloud Migration Made Simple

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Cloud Tools You Can Count On

Find out how you can support hybrid work, provide integrated communications, and share files seamlessly.

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Pay for exactly the amount you need

Purchasing cloud solutions can be a complex process. Which cloud servers perform the best? How much storage is necessary? Should I pay by user? CMIT Solutions can find the solution that’s right for your business so you avoid the high cost of cloud complications.

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Additional resources are just a call or text away

Don’t jump into the cloud without a reliable partner. CMIT Solutions can help with every step of a move to the cloud: planning to avoid downtime and minimize disruptions, reviewing potential risks, and streamlining education for your employees.

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Provisioning your team with customized permissions

Whether you choose public cloud storage, a dedicated private cloud, or a hybrid cloud that mixes the two, CMIT Solutions can help you decide where to store your applications, documents, and data—and who has permission to access them for the appropriate devices.

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Access Management Directories

Synchronize users across applications, using idenity management to import user attributes and streamline access.

Infrastructure as a Service

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a pay-as-you-go model for on-demand cloud server instances. Let us migrate your servers to an elastic cloud solution to reduce maintenance of on-premises data centers, save money on hardware costs, and gain real-time business insights.

Cloud File Share

Empower your users to access, edit, and share their files from any device and any location.

Cloud Migration

Free up your systems for improved business functions, enabling you to bridge the gap between business demand and IT capacity.

Find the Right Cloud Solution

Integrate your cloud platform into existing IT systems—all backed by the best client support in the industry.

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Contact us to learn how cloud services can help your business.

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I need to comply with my industry regulations.

Confidently meet data and privacy regulations through specialized compliance services.


I need protection from ransomware.

Defend your business against cyberthreats with multi-layered security solutions.

Data Backup

I need to securely back up my data.

Know that you can recover your data no matter what happens with consistent, dependable backup solutions.

IT Guidance

I need an IT strategy to support our business goals.

Put our expertise to work for your business with customized IT guidance.

IT Procurement

I’m opening a new location.

Leverage our vendor relationships for cost-effective, top-quality systems and equipment.

Managed Services

My business needs help with IT and security.

Keep your technology securely running at peak potential with 24/7 monitoring and expert management.

Productivity Applications

I need to install new software.

Give your team the tools they need to do their best work with app implementation services.

Unified Communications

My team needs to collaborate and connect with customers.

Seize new opportunities and foster collaboration with reliable, anywhere connectivity.