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Expand your capability. CMIT Solutions offers customized Co-Managed IT agreements that capitalize on what your internal staff does best. Let them do what they do best, and let us do the rest.

The right Co-managed IT partner can transform your existing IT team. Contact us to learn more.

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Supplement, enhance and support your existing IT workforce

Internal IT departments are operating in increasingly complex environments, from managing compliance requirements to cybersecurity to cloud computing initiatives, all while striving to maintain the company networks, manage hardware and software, and fulfill the support needs of company employees. The roles and responsibilities are expanding, and often your access to high-quality talent is a bottleneck.

When could your company use Co-managed IT services?

  • Your IT project list is longer than your ability to execute in a timely manner
  • Your IT staff is too small or overworked
  • Your staff has knowledge gaps
  • You need redundancy for institutional knowledge held by a single person or small staff
  • You have compliance requirements that you need help interpreting and operationalizing
  • You are ready to employ automation to handle routing, monitoring, and maintenance activities

Advantages of Co-managed IT services

  • Foster efficiency and productivity by providing your in-house staff with tools and technology that free them to focus on IT tasks that matter most
  • Build employee morale by allowing your resources to do work they are best suited for
  • Retain control over operations while tapping into expertise that will bring best practices to your company along with the staffing to help get things done
  • Experience faster project execution
  • Safe and reallocate personnel costs
  • Increase your cybersecurity posture by having the right monitored security layers

The CMIT Solutions Difference

At CMIT Solutions Erie, we’re committed to helping our clients navigate the new reality of remote work. We can help you meet today’s needs while planning for tomorrow’s vision, rolling out tools that boost efficiency and productivity for your employees while adding extra layers of security to your business.

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